Passive Talent Pipeline: How to Determine if its Right for You

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Passive Talent Pipeline: How to Determine if its Right for You

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Webinar Roadmap Passive Talent Pipeline: How to Determine if its Right for You

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Sourcing is Top TA Priority

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Top Strategies for TA

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Strategic Sourcing Model Talent Pipeline Initiative Strategic Talent Acquisition Model

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Why Build Talent Pipelines…

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Talent Pipeline Influences

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Talent Expects Us to Be Social Talent Expects Us To Be Social Engaged Talent Expects Us to Be on Social Platforms Talent Expects Us To Provide Relevant Information Talent Expect Us to Be Transparent

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Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 Era of Relationships and loyalty in going to be key Pronunciation: gwan?CHe

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Talent Landscape data… Talent Shortage The Rise of Passive Candidate Prospects are willing to listen our pitch, but somehow we are not communicating it to the right media.

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Talent Shortages

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The Rise of the Passive Candidate ©2014 Corporate Executive Board. All Rights Reserved.

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17 51 48 55 Very Passive to Somewhat Passive ©2014 Corporate Executive Board. All Rights Reserved.

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©2014 Corporate Executive Board. All Rights Reserved.

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Sweet Spot 6 months 2 years 4 years 6 years @Inside the Brain of the Passive Candidate; Entelo Whitepaper 2014 So the sweet spot for recruiting passive candidates is usually between 10 months and 4 years with “spikes” at 10 months, 21-22 months and around 45 months.

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The Long Tail of a Job Search… 66 percent of respondents said they thought about looking for a new job within six months before actively searching. @CareerBuilder CANDIDATE BEHAVIOR 2012:

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Open to Changing Jobs

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They Say They Are Interested, But… 67% told sourcers they were open to a new job 26 % of that group misrepresented real interest ©2014 Corporate Executive Board. All Rights Reserved.

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Elements of Talent Pipeline

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It is not an active vs. passive conversation; I want all of them Think 1-5 years out in terms of strategy Think about our target audiences and map strategies to their behaviors

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Talent Segments: Talent Supply 47,000 10,000 1700 400

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Talent Landscape: Raytheon Ball L-3 Alliant Techsystems Honeywell Space Systems Loral General Dynamics Orbital Sciences Crane Aerospace Harris Boeing Competitors Talent Supply

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Top Job Elements When Changing Jobs

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Elements of Interesting Work

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Web 3.0 Engagement Platform Lockheed Martin contact Business Related Video Content Highlight Business Welcome Letter Welcome Video

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Take advantage of all the data that is available Aggregate data from variety of sources-all kinds of social aggregation tools available But don’t forget to go deeper

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Sourcing-Go Deep and Wide ©2014 Corporate Executive Board. All Rights Reserved. Online tools cause sourcers to contact easy to identify names, rather than to think critically about the targets.

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Become a career coach Become an advocate for the prospect’s candidacy Provide valuable profession related content

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Talent Web Behaviors | Activities

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Marvin Smith Strategic Talent Sourcing Consultant Global Talent Strategies & Solutions Lockheed Martin @talentcommunity www.linkedin.com/in/marvsmith/ marvin.e.smith@lmco.com Current duties: Talent Community Strategy Talent Pipeline Initiatives TA Strategy-thought partner Social Recruiting TA Technology & Tools

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