Hiring Truly Driven Salespeople

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Hiring Truly Driven Salespeople Tips, Tactics and Techniques

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Kevin Gaither VP of Inside Sales, uSamp President, Los Angeles Chapter of AA-ISP @kevinsgaither #salesdrive Got Questions? @kevinsgaither

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Costs of Mis-Hires *Phone Works 2010 Inside Sales Compensation Study ** Bridge Group 2010 Inside Sales Metrics and Compensation Study *** Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again, Dr. Chris Croner ****Topgrading for Sales, Dr. Brad Smart @kevinsgaither

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Agenda Begin with the End in Mind – The Benchmark Drive! – Components and Sample Questions Free Offer @kevinsgaither

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The Salesperson Benchmark Do Not Try to Clone Your Top Performer! Begin with the End in Mind Brainstorm & Collaborate Hone & Define Develop Your Questions “If the job could talk, it would clearly define the knowledge, hard skills, people skills, behavior and culture needed for superior performance. “ – Bill Brooks, The Brooks Group @kevinsgaither

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The Components of Drive? Need for Achievement Competitiveness Optimism @kevinsgaither

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Sample Qs – Need for Achievement What kinds of sacrifices have you had to make to be successful? Tell me about a few times where you exceeded expectations or went beyond the call of duty? What’s the toughest goal you’ve ever set for yourself? How do you plan to top it? @kevinsgaither

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Sample Qs - Competitiveness When was the last time you were competitive? Where do you rank on the sales team? May I have permission to contact your boss to ask about your rank? How would your manager rank your competitiveness compared to your peers? What makes your manager see you as competitive? @kevinsgaither

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Sample Qs - Optimism Think back to the last time you lost a deal, what did you do to recover? Describe a sale where your persistence really paid off. Another time. When was the last time a customer got under your skin? Tell me about a time when YOU got a result even though it upset somebody @kevinsgaither

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Free Offer Tweet at me @kevinsgaither Ask for the Inside Sales Sample Benchmark I’ll send you my sample Inside Sales Benchmark with 20 characteristics Definitions of characteristics and Nearly 80 sample questions you can use @kevinsgaither