U.S. Culture and the Hiring process _________________________________________________________________________________________ What You need To Know To Market Yourself Effectively!

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U.S. Culture and the Hiring process _________________________________________________________________________________________ What You need To Know To Market Yourself Effectively! Jerry Donahue, Asst. Director, Medill Career Services

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Key Aspects of the U.S. Culture and How That Impacts Your Efforts To Be Employed Key Beliefs of the U.S. Social Attitudes and Customs Language Concerns Interview Etiquette After the Interview

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Key Beliefs Equality & respect of individual Multiethnic & multicultural nation Proud of country & welcoming attitude

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Social Attitudes & Customs Direct, explicit, and mostly verbal speech Independent, practical, work-oriented Men and women on equal footing Deal with conflict openly and directly Beliefs are a private matter and are tolerated Greet people with a firm handshake Say “please” and “thank you” Express gratitude to others Relaxed table manners

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Key Concepts In Your Job Search Informational Interviewing as a valuable tool Offering Value To Others Credible Likeable Helpful Referral To Job Opportunities by In-House Contacts

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Language Concerns Americans use a lot of slang in speech Humor and sarcasm are common, interpret positively Use of abbreviations in speech is common; ask for clarification if not certain

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Interview Etiquette Punctuality is essential Display confidence, optimism, team-orientation Make direct eye contact Claim credit for your accomplishments Employers seek positive upbeat, energetic employees

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After the Interview Polite to send a short personal note of thanks either electronically or handwritten This demonstrates diligence and follow-through skills

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Summary Learn about American culture both through on-campus and off-campus activities & individuals. Practice your verbal skills with an English-speaking partner, if possible Develop a network of contacts through social media and in-person to help identify possible job opportunities Utilize the Medill Career Services Office!

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Resources Medill Career Services office International Office – Northwestern University Myvisajobs.com GoinGlobal – Cultural Advice Adjusting to American Culture Power Ties- The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States, Dan Beaudry 3 Steps To Your Job In The USA, Steven Steinfeld with Yingping Huang (Books available on Amazon.com)

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