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#CompanyCulture Trends to Watch in 2015

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We All Know A Great #CompanyCulture Is Critical To Business Success, Right?...

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Every Fast Growing Company Has An Amazing Culture

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But What Will They Do In 2015 To Make Their Cultures Even Better?

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Let’s Take A Look At The #CompanyCulture Trends to Watch in 2015

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Trend #1 Annual To Real-Time Feedback

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Annual To Real-Time Feedback Annual and quarterly surveys are being ditched in favor of real-time feedback from employees that captures two things

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Annual To Real-Time Feedback #1 How they feel

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Annual To Real-Time Feedback #2 What’s frustrating them

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Annual To Real-Time Feedback The world’s best companies want a constant pulse on what their people are thinking and feeling.

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Annual To Real-Time Feedback They use this continuous flow of information to make changes and adjust their communication and management styles to be more transparent

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Annual To Real-Time Feedback This leads to happier people who are more engaged. They stay longer and do their best work.

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Annual To Real-Time Feedback Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%

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Key Take Away Do whatever you can to collect more feedback from your people in real-time

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Trend #2 Distributed Teams, Office Optional

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Distributed Teams, Office Optional With collaboration tools like Slack, Hipchat, Bluejeans and Google Hangouts people can work from anywhere and still be part of the conversation

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Distributed Teams, Office Optional Collaboration tools are making an office optional for the best companies

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Distributed Teams, Office Optional They use their offices for (some) meetings and more like co-working spaces with hot swap desks

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Distributed Teams, Office Optional Translation: you can work from the office, but you don’t have to

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Distributed Teams, Office Optional This helps them hire incredible talent outside of their immediate location

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Distributed Teams, Office Optional It also saves everyone valuable commute time which they can use to get more work done or spend with their families

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Distributed Teams, Office Optional Not having to commute saves the average person around 10 hours per week and improves their mood and happiness considerably

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Distributed Teams, Office Optional Remember: just because people come into the office it doesn’t mean they’re working or productive

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Key Take Away Hire the best people wherever they happen to be and leverage collaboration tools to help them work together

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Trend #3 Flattening Org Structures

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Flattening Org Structures Most managers aren’t very good at their job of leading and inspiring their teams Let’s Be Honest

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Flattening Org Structures Companies like Medium and Zappos are experimenting with a new org structure…

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Flattening Org Structures That has no managers. Zero, nada, zip.

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Flattening Org Structures It’s called holacracy

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Flattening Org Structures Holacracy 101: No people managers, maximum autonomy Organic expansion - when a job gets too big, hire another person Identify issues, write them down, and resolve them systematically Make everything explicit - from vacation policies to decision makers Distribute decision-making power and discourage consensus seeking Eliminate “stuff” that people worry about so they can focus on work

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Key Take Away Removing hierarchy and flattening your company could have a hugely positive impact on your culture

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