Travelling and Transport

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Travelling and Transport

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Тема: Путешествия и транспорт. Класс: 6 Время проведения: IV четверть Учебник: Верещагина И.Н.(IV) Презентацию выполнила: Белякова Е.В.

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Активизация лексики по теме «Travelling and Transport»; Введение новой лексики; Знакомство учащихся с лексемами who и which; Развитие коммуникативных навыков; Воспитание интереса к изучаемому языку Цели урока:

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Этапы урока: Организационный момент. Фонетическая зарядка. Речевая зарядка. Проверка знания лексики. Введение новой лексики. Тренировка навыков чтения. Физкультминутка. Знакомство со словами who и which. Развитие навыков аудирования. Объяснение домашнего задания. Итоги урока.

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Приветствие Доклад дежурного Сообщение темы урока Организационный момент

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Over the mountains, Over the plains, Over the rivers Here come trains. Carrying passengers, Carrying mail, Over the country, Here come trains. Фонетическая зарядка: Trains.

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Речевая зарядка Do you like to travel? Where did you travel last time? What means of travel do you prefer? Have you ever been in Britain? Where would you like to travel? What means of travel do you prefer?

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Проверка знания лексики Летать. Быстро. Багаж. Находить. Кричать. Аэропорт. Украсть. Билет. Делать. Translate the words into English

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[ai] – kind, shine [ei] – shake, explain, straight [?] – ugly, run [ ? ] – shake, shine [ l ] – explain, ugly [oi] – voice [?] - sad Введение новой лексики

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Тренировка навыков чтения Let’s read ex.9 p.231

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Look at the pictures and say what they have already done

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Знакомство со словами who и which Read and compare. People who read much know much. The boy who is standing at the blackboard is our best pupil. The girls who are coming into the room live in the country. The English book, which I read yesterday, was very interesting. Nelly went on a trip which was very interesting. Nick lived in a house which was in Lermontov Street.

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1. Listen to the text and answer the questions. Where does the woman want to travel? How much is the ticket? When is the train to Liverpool? 2. Read the dialogue after the speaker. Аудирование

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Choose the right variant. ТЕСТ

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Ex.14 p.235 make up a dialogue; Ex. 5 p.39 in the workbook Домашнее задание

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Итоги урока What did we do today?

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The lesson is over. Good bye!!!