20 Reasons Why Ladakh Motorcycle Trip Must Be On Your Bucket List

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20 Reasons Why Ladakh Motorcycle Trip Must Be On Your Bucket List

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1) Ride to the high passes where three mighty ranges meet - Pir Panjal, Zanskar and the Great Himalayas

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2) Or scale the high mountain passes, only few have ventured to before

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3) Slush, stones or fast flowing water crossings - Manali Leh highway has it all!

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4) Because you will drive for hundreds of kilometers with no petrol pump in sight 

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5) Fatigue will hit you, but you will come out stronger than ever!

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6) All that pain will vanish at the sight of the lakes like Kiagar Tso, and you would want to just lie on it's bank forever! 

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7) Just you and bike - your only companion for most part of the day

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8)  There will be roads with nothing but just the dust

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9) And sometimes tarmac so smooth, fit for an airplane to land

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10) Scenes so picturesque, you'll forget everything else

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11) See black mountains on your way and that's special, really!

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12) And purple too! 

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13) This will be your workstation for a few days

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14) And camp next to the lake, SO BLUE!

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15) Memories that will live with you for the rest of your life

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16) And experience the cultures so different yet so much your own

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17) Everyday would be a brand new day on the road!

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18) Unwanted breaks but best time to apreciate your surroundings, reality kicks in hard

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19) It's not just about the destination, a bike trip is an adventure!

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20) To others it would just be a bike-trip, for you it would be an accomplishment

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