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Цель проекта 1. Способствовать лучшему усвоению темы Путешествия».

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Travelling…What for? Isn’t it wonderful to discover new place? Travel has always been a part of people’s education. It teaches people about art and culture. It teaches them to be understanding. You can also improve your knowledge of foreign languages. What is more, tourism is the bases of the biggest in the world. Tourists spend a lot of money. Rich countries can sell cars and computers. But what can poor countries sell? There beautiful beaches and there wonderful country-side. Each year many families goes somewhere on holidays. Of course, there are a lot of places to visit in your own country. But why not have something for a change? Thanks to mass tourism everyone can get the benefits of travel.

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Travelling We go by car and we go by train, We go by boat and we go by plain, We go by land and sea and air, We go, go, go From here to there.

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I ride I ride on a bus, I ride on a train, I ride on a trolley, I ride on a plain. I ride on a ferry, I ride in my car, I ride on my skates – but not very far. But best of all the ride I like It round the block on my new bike.

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Ideal place for travelling… Where is it? Isn’t it wonderful to discover new countries? It’s actually much better than sitting round doing nothing. And you really had a lot of fun. Answer the questions: Decide which kind of holidays do you prefer. What places do you consider as ideal for travelling? Why? What transport do you prefer?

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Как составить проект Определи какой вид транспорта наиболее приемлем для путешествий. Укажи преимущества и недостатки такого путешествия. Расскажи, куда можно отправиться на этом виде транспорта, сколько времени потребуется на дорогу, докажи, что твой вид транспорта самый лучший. Приведи пример такого путешествия и расскажи подробнее о местах, которые можно посетить на этом виде транспорта.