Across the USA

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Across the USA урок-путешествие (9-й класс)

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ЦЕЛИ: Обобщить знания учащихся о стране изучаемого языка (США).

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Where are these portraits? What are the names of these presidents?

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Can you name the towns from the photos?

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This town was one of the first towns built on the North Atlantic coast. It is famous for its “Tea Party”.

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This town is situated on the Great Lakes and it is one of the biggest centers of the automobile industry.

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Hollywood is located near this city.

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Rivers and lakes.

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Which is the longest river in the USA?

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What are these lakes?

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What river is the capital of the USA situated on?

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Great people.

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Do you know these American writers?

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What are the names of these presidents?

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