Why do people travel?

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Презентация по теме «Путешествие» Why do people travel?

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2 Тема Путешествие Цель урока Задачи: повышать познавательный интерес к английскому языку, прививать интерес к путешествиям; развивать способности к логическому изложению, к догадке, развивать способность осуществлять продуктивные и репродуктивные речевые действия, развивать коммуникабельность; овладеть лексическим материалом и расширить кругозор по теме “Путешествие”; формировать лексические и грамматические навыки говорения, обучать умению строить высказывания по модели.

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3 “I like to travel! It is just great! ” Tom, 19 “Travelling becomes more and more dangerous…” Elizabeth, 64 “Usually I travel to learn something new… ” Stuart, 28 Many men- many minds

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4 Let s talk! , MODEL 1 1. People like to travel with friends. 2. Usually they travel for pleasure. 3. When they travel they like to go sightseeing. 4... 5...

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5 What do you think? MODEL 2

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6 There are some character – sketches of different people. They express their attitude about travelling. Match the sketches and the people. a businessman a traveller a professor of History a couch potato

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7 What do you going to take? "I am going to take..." MODEL 3 a camera a penknife a radio socks a football a swimming costume a clock a pair of sandals sunglasses money a warm sweater a tennis rocket a dressing gown a pair of pyjamas jeans T-shirts a dress a passport a pair of walking boots a phrase book

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8 ''I hope the weather will be...'' MODEL 4 snowy hot foggy frosty sunny warm wet rainy

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9 go sightseeing visit museums swim sleep sunbathe go fishing play tennis see friends go to the theatre camp walk learn English MODEL 5 “I am going to do during my trip…”

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10 Choose your mood! An interesting lesson a boring lesson a lot of new the presentation is fine I am happy

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11 The lesson is over. Thank you for you work. Good-bye!