12 Essentials of A Great Michigan Golf Trip!

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12 Essentials of A Great Michigan Golf Trip!

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1. Great golf trips all start with great golf. With 81 spectacular holes we’ve got you covered there! This is our Signature course!

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2. The only Fazio, (need we say more?) designed course, in the fine state of Michigan!

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3. The Last Trent Jones Sr, design and what a Masterpiece it is!

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4. The Rick Smith, Tradition, talk about a spectacular variety of terrain, designers, courses and shots!

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5. Location – Ok, so you have identified spectacular golf now you need to find it. Well, you won’t need a map, we are the closest major resort, right off I-75. Even your aunt Mable could find us!

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6. Beer, But Don’t Forget the Aspirin – You may not used to the strength of the amazing micro brew beer selection in our sports bar, over 70 different brews!

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7. Bananas and Gatorade also help ?

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8. Large portions of perfectly cooked dead cow!

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9. A Good Nights Rest- In our cozy rooms you’ll sleep like a bear!

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10. Don’s Forget Sports tape you’ll be playing a lot of golf with 81 spectacular holes to choose from. Apart form blisters sports tape can also be used like duct tape to fix grips, tears in bag covers and other minor emergencies.

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11. Small Swiss army knife – Just like my Amex card I don’t leave home without it, although TSA, has snagged more than a few of them ? The small scissors and bottle opener alone are often priceless in a crutch situation!

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12. The most amazing emergency nine on the planet. The Treetops par 3!

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Enjoyed by Champions

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Just like you ?

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Call Treetops Now for your best golf vacation ever 855-977-3714 WWW.Treetops.com No Jacket required we are casual here!