On a Tiger Trail

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On a Tiger Trail Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India. May 2014

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Located in the heart of the country, Kanha National Park is a four hour drive from the nearest rail and air head, Jabalpur. If you are planning a visit to this amazing game reserve, home to Royal Bengal Tigers, it makes sense to pre-book everything, your accommodation, transportation, and even the game rides.

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Khatiya Gate, at Kanha National Park, the entry to the game reserve. © Moumita Basu

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The forest stretches ahead.

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The evening park ride commences.

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A monkey family rests in the shade to escape the heat.

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The first sight of game, a herd of Indian Gaur, and a Spotted Deer sharing a pasture.

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Summer sunset and deer are out to feed.

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A Serpent Eagle catches the last sunrays.

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A colorful jungle fowl makes an appearance.

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An Indian Sambhar Deer grazes with his spotted counterparts.

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And a lone tigress, in search of water, crosses the path.

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The sight of the tigress excites the tourists, click, click, go the cameras.

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A lone bison quenches thirst at another part of the reserve.

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This is the area of Munna, one of the majestic male tigers of Kanha.

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Regal and matured, Munna is almost indifferent to the photographers going gaga on sighting him.

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For a wildlife photographer, sighting a tiger is an amazing thrill.

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With only around 1400 tigers left in India, we laud the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh for doing a commendable job of preserving these natural predators. Kanha National Park remains one of the biggest success stories of Project Tiger. We, as a country, still have a long way to go to protect our ecology. A presentation by Moumita Basu. Twitter: @Moumita1