Контрольный тест по английскому языку. Prepositions

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Контрольный тест по английскому языку. Prepositions МОУ СОШ №2 Г. Амурск Хабаровского края Костина В.Н. Тест создан по шаблону Д. Иванова

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Результат теста Верно: 16 Ошибки: 4 Отметка: 3

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1. I have never believed… this tales. in of on

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2.The book is based … true facts. on of in

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3. They took revenge …those who offended them. on of in

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4.He filled the form … block letters. in of on

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5.He included all the items… the bill. in of on

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6.They economized…food after their dad’s death. on of in

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7.I’ve got nothing to talk … . on of in

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8.I don’t know what he is living … . on in of

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9.The town is on the left bank ...the river. of in on

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10. He is always intruding … our privacy. in on of

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on of in 11.The scientists made experiments…rats to find the vaccine.

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12.We congratulate you …becoming a father. on of in

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13.They will be operating … him tomorrow. on in of

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14.You should be more concentrated …your work . on of in

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15.Play her something… the guitar. on in of

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16.We can’t rely… him. on of in

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17. Help me … my efforts to explain this to her. in on of

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18. All … them are happy today. on of in

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19.She is not always free ..… her decisions. in of on

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20.They hid among the trees at the bottom ...the park. of in on