Introduction to the Internet of Things & Open Data

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Introduction to the Internet of Things & Open Data Charalampos Doukas, CREATE-NET @BuildingIoT www.buildinginternetofthings.com

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The Internet of Things Let’s start with some generic definition: + ?

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The Internet of Things The purpose: Sense & Control Things Sense Communicate Interact

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The Internet of Things Sensing

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The Internet of Things Communicating

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The Internet of Things Interacting

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The (recent) Past Many DIY- community projects Evolution of Open Hardware (Arduino, Flyport, etc.) Some commercial devices Self-Tracking domain (very popular) Home Automation (Philips Hue Connected Light bulb)

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The Present The Connected Body The Connected Home Connected Cities + Mobility The Connected Industry

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The Present QuantifiedSelf Devices for self tracking New Interfaces

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The Present QuantifiedSelf Devices for self tracking

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The Present QuantifiedSelf Devices for self tracking Features ? Collect and visualize information Performance Habits Motivate Social features Reminders + great space for improvement…

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The Present The Connected Home Home Automation & Control Indoor location services Power monitor and remote control Lights Irrigation systems

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The Present The Connected Home Home Automation & Control Smart Door Locks and Access Management Smart Gateways (fusion of networking technologies) Fire-Smoke Detectors Thermostats …

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The Present The Connected Home Features: Control remotely Generate reports (energy, etc.) Better (?) automation Lowest market penetration = huge space for improvement

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The Present The Connected City Vehicle and Traffic Management Parking systems Waste management

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The Present The Connected City Sensing & Crowdsourcing data

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The Present The Connected Industry Location services (Assets, People) Security Payment

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The Present The Connected Industry Pricing - Promotion Packaging

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The Present The Connected Industry Features Promoting services based on geo-location Simplify payment Open space for fusion of services {home, car, appliance sensing with retail}

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IoT & Open Data Street/Traffic Environment Public Infrastructures X Data

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IoT & Open Data Open Data leverages on IoT technologies Cloud Computing Big Data Scalability Availability Stream Processing Data Mining

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Internet of Things {How?}

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Internet of Things Things Services

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Things Smartify = Sense & Control Brain (microcontroller-microprocessor) Sensors Actuators Communication interfaces (&protocols)

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Sensing Gas & Air quality Barometric pressure Temperature & Humidity Light & Sound Motion Flex & Force Position Magnetic fields Electricity Biometrics

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Sensing Proximity & Presence Weight Liquids & Liquid flow Radiation …

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(Re)Acting Move things (motors) Activate (switches) Interfaces Sound Light Displays Remote interfaces Social Email, text, … Phone (twillio)

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When prototyping…

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Communicating No golden solution! You will always need a gateway! The questions are: Range Power consumption What gateways are already available

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Communicating Wearables: Small size -> small battery, but great autonomy Smartphone as a gateway Short range -> BT and BLE Home automation: WiFi router available If power is an issue -> ZigBee or RF

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Protocols Web based: HTTP REST WebSockets M2M (lower resources + actuation) MQTT CoAP XMPP STOMP …

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Services Web Mobile Web

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Part B Let’s talk about building your own IoT Environment

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What does it take on the back-end? Application server Database system Setup & Maintenance Scalability? -> Cloud environment Provide APIs Bring more users, external apps Support external APIs Support M2M protocols …..

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What does it take on the back-end? Software Hardware Libraries APIs Data? Users?

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What does it take on the back-end? Hosting Outsourcing Resources scalable

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Meet COMPOSE Scalable PaaS IoT Marketplace Development Tools Sensor Communication Technologies

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What is it? Smart Territory App COMPOSE customized services COMPOSE internal components Smart City App User applications COMPOSE developer tools COMPOSE controller SDK, GUI, etc. Adapter to CF controller Monitor COMPOSE components Smart Spaces App CouchBase STORM RDF Store SPARQL discovery, composition recommendation Service Object FE Service Management Data Management Comm. Bootstrap Comm. Peers Scalable Comm. Built-in Services NoSQL DBMS COMPOSE security Augmented buildpack Code analysis Provenance, Identity

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What is it? Developer Friendly!

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What is it? Developer Friendly! 1-Click-Deploy Debug Info Customize source code Navigation bar Active Service Composition Conceptual idea from Node-RED

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What is it? MQTT WebSockets XMPP … Service Discovery Security IoT Marketplace

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Where to get it? http://www.compose-project.eu http://www.servioticy.com https://github.com/compose-eu @COMPOSE_Project

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Open Data in COMPOSE Open Data Pilots Street/Traffic Public Infrastructures Meteo Data OpenStreet map

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Open Data in COMPOSE Bring COMPOSE your Data Open Data APIs Ideas

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Thank you! @buildingiot @iotitaly IoT Trento Meetup Group