Digital Citizenship Redefined

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Digital Citizenship Redefined By Larry Magid Co-director ConnectSafely.org Talk delivered at the National PTA Conference, Austin, Texas June 20, 2014

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Evolution of online safety since 1994 Porn Predators Sexual abuse images (child porn) Cyberbullying Reputation management Digital citizenship Security Privacy Resilience & self-respect Understanding not all are equally vulnerable Kindness Thriving – positive outcomes

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Of course there are risks in life, so…

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Who can best protect youth?

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Or young people themselves?

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Ultimately, the best filter runs between the child’s ears, not on a device Protection that lasts a lifetime Training wheels for young kids

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How you treat others affects your risk * EU Kids Online +Internet Safety Technology Taskforce “Among those who do not bully others, being bullied is relatively rare 8% offline only, and 4% online”* “Youth who engage in online aggressive behavior by making rude or nasty comments or frequently embarrassing others are more than twice as likely to report online interpersonal victimization.” +

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Avoid Fear & Exaggeration Encourage honesty, calm discussion & social norming Caution only works if it’s believable and actionable

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Social norms approach People emulate how they think their peers behave If people think their friends don’t smoke, they’re less likely to smoke. Same is true with over-eating, excessive alcohol use and other negative behaviors, including bullying* *Assessing Bullying in New Jersey Secondary Schools: Applying the Social Norms Model to Adolescent Violence: Craig, Perkins 2008

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What is a “Citizen” “A person who legally belongs to a country and has the rights and protection of that country” “An inhabitant of a city or town; especially : one entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman.” (Merriam Webster online dictionary)

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What is a “Digital Citizen” “…There is a basic set of rights extended to every digital citizen. Digital citizens have the right to privacy, free speech, etc. Basic digital rights must be addressed, discussed, and understood in the digital world.  With responsibilities as well.  Users must help define how the technology is to be used in an appropriate manner.  In a digital society these two areas must work together for everyone to be productive. ” #7 of the “Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship” by Mike Ribble

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And so, Digital Citizenship includes: Access to digital tools in and out of school Respect from others: including teachers & other adults Respect for others Self-respect Commitment to community Freedom to be unique

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What we do at ConnectSafely Consumer education: Parents, teens and general public Resources for schools Safer Internet Day One Good Thing Blogging, broadcasting and media appearances Education for policy makers International work

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Research-Based Tips & Articles

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International & US Policy Work with Internet Congressional Caucus Work with other non-profits around the world Congressional testimony & advice Participate in national & regional forums Have worked within US states Participate internationally in Internet Governance Forum & other global forums Opening Washington DC Office – Fall 2014 Goal is to encourage rational and thoughtful policy that avoids unintended consequences

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Safer Internet Day 2014 Theme: Teens and Tech Leaders on Building a Better Internet ConnectSafely is the designated US Host of Safer Internet Day.

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Safer Internet Day 2014 Youth panel Industry panel Senator Chuck Schumer

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Safer Internet Day Partners

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Safer Internet Day 2015 Tuesday February 10, 2015 In Silicon Valley with remote participation from schools across the country

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One Good Thing Texting a kind message to a friend who was sad Helping a grandparent figure out Facebook Getting a bunch of parents together and teaching them about how to use social media safely Creating a pile-on of kindness for someone who was getting harassed or cyber bullied Coming soon: www.OneGoodThing.org

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Thank you Larry Magid www.ConnectSafely.org larry@connectsafely.org