The Internet of Things is Dead

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Theo Priestley, Chief Technology Evangelist July 2014, Innovation Day, Australia The Internet of Things is Dead Everything Is Connected

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"Imagine if your cat went missing and you could find out exactly where it was. Imagine if your fridge could order your favourite juice from the supermarket rather than Mummy forgetting. Imagine if Daddy could warm up the car before you got in to go to school. Imagine if, when Grandma was ill, the doctor could be called immediately. Imagine if your toys could speak to one another. Imagine the 'Internet of Things'. Richard Holway, chairman of TechMarketView

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will be connected by the year 2020 X 50 X 75

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The Internet of Things is not about the Internet or about the Things It’s about the data

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Turning Data into Wisdom into Action

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The Practicalities

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The set of 1152 valid traces reported an average length of 114 km The longest trace, created by a printer cartridge, reported a length of over 6000 km It costs $5 per km to transport waste

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Simple RFID Transmitters Trace Data Cost Implications Improved End to End Process

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A Machine Planet

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A gas turbine generates 500Gb per day Every gigabyte is insight

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Manufacturing & Plant Robots Tolerance Levels Failure Predictive Maintenance

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7,000 of San Francisco’s 28,800 metered spaces 12,250 spaces in City-owned parking garages.

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Sensors Parking Availability Parking Availability Real-Time Booking

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Appirio gives all employees Fitbit trackers Google Hangouts to offer employees live video sessions with a trainer Data mined from Chatter groups and Fitbit devices have led to a 5% reduction in annual insurance premiums = US $280,000

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Wearables Fitness Levels Wellbeing Of Employees Cost Reduction

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The “Quantified Enterprise”

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An organization will choose who they want as customers based on quantification Digital Darwinism prevails Ambient Intelligence becomes the norm

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The Pitfalls

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Security & Privacy Connectivity Standards Power OEM

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"By posing as a new bulb joining the network we were able to steal credentials for the wireless network, which in turn meant we could control the lights."

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WiFi Mesh Networks 4G/ 3G/ 2G/ GSM Bluetooth Wired

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Latency = Wait And See

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Mesh = Mess

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Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) Samsung Electronics, Intel and Dell AllSeen Alliance Microsoft, LG, Sharp, Qualcomm… IoT Privacy Working Group TRUSTe Thread Group Samsung, ARM, Google, Yale, Freescale…

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Apple and Google squaring off with their own ecosystems

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50 will need to be powered by something !

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Is the Internet of Things really dead ?

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The Internet of Things is not about the Internet or about the Things It’s about the data

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Everything is connected And the Data binds them together !

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Imagine hacking your JawBone UP24 so when you fall asleep the app signals your TV to switch off…

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The Things Big Data In-Memory Intelligent Business Operations Process Automation

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2.0 ?

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