What is Content Strategy?

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What is Content Strategy? Straight from the Thought Leaders’ Mouths

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I was recently in Seattle at an awesome event run by Misty Weaver (@meaningmeasure) and it occurred to me that no one has ever put all the definitions for content strategy in one place. (At least not that I know of.) So please enjoy and if you have any to add, let me know! (@ahavaL) The Inspiration for this Slideshow www.ahamediagroup.com 2

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“Content strategy plans for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content. “ Kristina Halvorson’s Definition Kristina Halvorson www.ahamediagroup.com 3

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“Repeatable system that defines the entire editorial content development process for a website development project.“ Richard Sheffield’s Definition www.ahamediagroup.com 4 Richard Sheffield

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“Using words and data to create unambiguous content that supports meaningful, interactive experiences.“ Rachel Lovinger’s Definition Rachel Lovinger www.ahamediagroup.com 5

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“Content strategy deals with the planning aspects of managing content throughout its lifecycle, and includes aligning content to business goals, analysis, and modeling, and influences the development, production, presentation, evaluation, measurement, and sunsetting of content, including governance. What content strategy is not is the implementation side. The actual content development, management, and delivery is the tactical outcomes of the strategy that need to be carried out for the strategy to be effective.” www.ahamediagroup.com 6 Rahel Bailie’s Definition Rahel Bailie

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“Planning for the creation, aggregation, delivery, and useful governance of useful, usable, and appropriate content in an experience. “ www.ahamediagroup.com 7 Margot Bloomstein’s Definition Margot Bloomstein

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“Content strategy is just content planning. “ www.ahamediagroup.com 8 Elizabeth McGuane’s Definition Elizabeth McGuane

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“Provide the right content, for the right people, in the right place, at the right time. “ Meghan Casey’s Definition Meghan Casey www.ahamediagroup.com 9

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The Content Strategy Lifecycle www.ahamediagroup.com 10

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The Content Strategy Lifecycle Erin Scime www.ahamediagroup.com 11

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Ahava Leibtag’s CS Lifecycle Ahava Leibtag www.ahamediagroup.com 12

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IBM’s Model www.ahamediagroup.com 13

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Brain Traffic’s Model www.ahamediagroup.com 14

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Where do content strategists come from? Richard Ingram www.ahamediagroup.com 15

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I wrote a whole book about content strategy. Well, really about content, but it heavily stars content strategy. Buy it now! http://goo.gl/epNTg1 www.ahamediagroup.com 16

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And I talk about it to Content Strategy Meetups in person or on Skype. www.ahamediagroup.com 17

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Ahava Leibtag Aha Media Group, LLC ahava@ahamediagroup.com 301-452-5331 @ahavaL Ahavaleibtag Thank you! www.ahamediagroup.com 18