Java Performance: Biggest Mistakes

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More on http://blog.dynatrace.com Dynatrace Free Trial: http://bit.ly/dttrial Andreas Grabner - @grabnerandi Java Performance: Biggest Mistakes

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And this is where I am from

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Can you tell my age by looking at my first computer?

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That’s why I ended up talking about performance

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Nobody wants this …

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Nor this …

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As it leads to this …

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The “War Room” Facebook – December 2012

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And potentially to this …

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And this …

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And that’s why Business doesn’t like it either …

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~80% of problems caused by ~20% patterns YES we know this 80% Dev Time in Bug Fixing $60B Defect Costs BUT

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6 Situations on WHY this happened, HOW to avoid it

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“Blindly” (Re)use Existing Components

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Requirement: We need a report

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Using Hibernate results in 4k+ SQL Statements to display 3 items! Hibernate Executes 4k+ Statements Individual Execution VERY FAST But Total SUM takes 6s

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Not every Architect makes good decisions

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Symptoms HTML takes between 60 and 120s to render High GC Time Assumptions Bad GC Tuning Probably bad Database Performance as rendering was simple Project: Online Room Reservation System

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Developers built own monitoring void roomreservationReport(int roomid) { long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); Object data = loadDataForRoom(roomid); long dataLoadTime = System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime; generateReport(data, roomid); } Result: Avg. Data Load Time: 45s! DB Tool says: Avg. SQL Query: <1ms!

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#1: Loading too much data 24889! Calls to the Database API! High CPU and High Memory Usage to keep all data in Memory

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#2: On individual connections 12444! individual connections Classical N+1 Query Problem Individual SQL really <1ms

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#3: Putting all data in temp Hashtable Lots of time spent in Hashtable.get Called from their Entity Objects

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Custom Measuring Was impacted by Garbage Collection Just measured overall time but not # SQL Executions Learn SQL and don’t use Hashtables as Workaround Lesson Learned void roomreservationReport(int roomid) { long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); Object data = loadDataForRoom(roomid); long dataLoadTime = System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime; generateReport(data, roomid); }

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Implementation Flaws

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Business Impact requires Action!

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Solution: Cache to the RESCUE!!

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Implementation and Rollout Implemented InMemory Cache Worked well in Load Testing

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Result: Out of Memory Crashes!! Still crashes Problem fixed! Fixed Version Deployed

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Disconnected Teams

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“Teamwork” between Dev and Ops SEV1 Problem in Production Need access to log files Where are they? Can’t get them Need to increase log level Can’t do! Can’t change config files in prod!

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Solution: Implement a Custom “On Demand” Remote Logger

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Implementation and Rollout Implemented Custom Logger Worked well in Load Testing

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What happened? ~ 1Mio Lock Exceptions in 30 mins

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Root Cause: A special WebSphere Setting!

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“Deployment” Gone Bad!

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Test Environment Production Environment 8x slower 3x more SQL

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Test Environment Production Environment Hibernate, Classloading, XML – The Key Hotspots Hibernate, Classloading, XML – The Key Hotspots I/O for Web Requests doesn’t even show up! That’s Normal: Having I/O for Web Request as main contributor

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Top Contributor Class.getInterfaces Called from Hibernates FieldInterceptionHelper These calls all originate form thousands of calls to find item by code

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Top Methods related to XML Processing Classloading is triggered through CustomMonnkey and the Xalan Parser Classloading is triggered through CustomMonkey and the Xalan Parser

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#Push without a Plan

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Mobile Landing Page of Super Bowl Ad 434 Resources in total on that page: 230 JPEGs, 75 PNGs, 50 GIFs, … Total size of ~ 20MB

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Fifa.com during Worldcup http://apmblog.compuware.com/2014/05/21/is-the-fifa-world-cup-website-ready-for-the-tournament/

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Waiting for Bug Reports

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Look behind the scenes

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Performance Clinic: Bring Your Own App When: Thursday, December 18th Lunch Session: NOON – 3PM After Work Session: 4PM – 7PM Where: Dynatrace Office 404 Wyman Street, Waltham Register: http://bit.ly/onlineperfclinic

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Quick Demo

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Get it here: http://bit.ly/dttrial YouTube Tutorials: http://bit.ly/dttutorials Live Q&A Sessions: http://bit.ly/onlineperfclinic Contact me: agrabner@dynatrace.com - @grabnerandi Special Offer: SaaS VIP Program: http://bit.ly/dtaasvip 30 Days Dynatrace Free Trial

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Andreas Grabner Dynatrace Developer Advocate @grabnerandi http://blog.dynatrace.com