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8 THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT WORDPRESS And have been dying to know

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IT IS COMPLETLY FREE But there are lots of people who make money from it by supplying premium themes and plugins to enhance it

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THERE ARE OVER 30,700 FREE PLUGINS THAT CAN YOU CAN USE TO ENHANCE YOUR SITE Some of these are great and you couldn't live without them. Some are awful. Some need a premium version to work best. Some might break your existing WordPress site. Caveat Emptor

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THERE ARE OVER 2,500 FREE THEMES THAT CAN YOU CAN USE TO ENHANCE YOUR SITE Some of these are great. Some are awful. Some are just there to suck you into buying the premium version. Caveat Emptor

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IT HAS BEEN DOWNLOADED MILLIONS OF TIMES 30+ IN FACT This means lots of websites out there use it as their platform But of course it also means that it was just downloaded and it sits on their hard disk.

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IT ISNT JUST FOR BLOGGING … now boasts some great CMS features Lots of people who have never used it still perceive it (wrongly) as a blogging platform only. It is a great blogging platform though!

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THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT IT DO IT FOR FREE The actual number of paid staff of WordPress is small. It is supported on the site largely by unpaid volunteers.

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YOU CAN INSTALL IT IN 5 MINUTES Yes if you know a bit about websites. If you don't it will take a bit longer. Best to use someone who knows what they are doing – amazing lead in to next slide

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IF YOU WANT A WORDPRESS SITE I CAN HELP All my websites are done using WordPress Contact me on kieran@grangewebdesign.com or +353-21-242 8497 if interested Or Tweet @grangeweb