Help! I’m the parent of a tech-savvy kid! Tech safety for parents

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Integrity Computer Concepts Help! I’m the parent of a tech-savvy kid! Tech safety for parents

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The Burnetts

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What are we going to learn today? Part 1 “WHAT” What kids are doing online Where technology is going What to look for Part 2 “HOW” Practical filters Monitoring applications Common sense rules to put into place at home Q & A

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Current Statistics Teens spend about 5 hours a day online 15% have met up in person somebody they met online 17% have hacked into a friends social media account or email 25% of teens have cheated on a test using a mobile phone 32% have accessed pornography online (purposely) Only 50% of kids have parental controls on their computers 70% of teens hide their online behavior from parents Parents MUST stay in the know. We can not give up!

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4 Biblical Principles of Technology Technology was created by God

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4 Biblical Principles of Technology Technology was created by God Technology is not inherently evil

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4 Biblical Principles of Technology Technology was created by God Technology is not inherently evil Technology has many good uses

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4 Biblical Principles of Technology Technology was created by God Technology is not inherently evil Technology has many good uses Technology can be abused by sinners!

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3 typical responses to technology Accept ALL technology Block ALL technology Develop the Discipline of Discernment

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Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”

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Part 1 What in the world are my kids doing online?

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Social Networking

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Social Networking 3 Rules for Social Networking Know the platform Follow your child Know their password

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Social Networking Instagram Turn off public sharing Turn off GPS tagging Talk about what they are posting Follow their Instagram feed

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Social Networking Facebook and Twitter

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Social Networking Vine 6 seconds of looping video Owned by Twitter Easy to post & find porn on Vine

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Social Networking Social Media Clean up! Talk to your child Google their name Review all their profiles Help them remove unused profiles Don’t forget the blogs…

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Pornography 1 in 9 websites online are pornographic Put a filter program on ANY computer that your child will use.

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Pornography Family Computer Laptop Cell phone iPad / Tablet Game console Friends house Put a filter program on ANY device that your child will use, especially when they are young.

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Pornography The average child accidentally stumbles onto pornographic website by age 12 The time for the “new” pornography talk is BEFORE this happens, not after..

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Anonymity Secret Whisper

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Yik Yak 4 months old (March 2014) Mostly east coast & Southern CA 400,000 users Cross / Twitter and SnapChat Designed for college students Completely anonymous Share with 100 up to 10,000 a VIRTUAL bathroom wall

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Online Predators Secrecy is the predators greatest weapon Communication is a parents greatest defense.

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Online Predators 2 questions predators always ask Where is your computer? Are you alone?

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Online Predators Catfishing someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances. Sextortion When a person uses guilt, power, or knowledge of certain secrecy, to force another person into having sex or performing sexual favors. 

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Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying Rebecca Ann Sedwick 12 Years old. Died from suicide 8/10/13

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Cyber Bullying

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Danger! Beware! Completely Anonymous

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Cyber Bullying Ask the tough uncomfortable questions! Ask “What if…” questions. Keep the laptop and cell phone out of the bedroom for as long as possible. Look for the signs of bullying. Depression, excessive sleeping, complains of headaches / stomach aches. Remove apps that are commonly used for bullying. Look at your kids texts. Monitor their apps.

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Cyber Bullying

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Sexting Definition… Sending of sexually explicit photos or text through one’s mobile phone to friends or suitors.

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Hook up Apps Tinder, Blendr, Grindr, Skout, and Swoon

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Hook up Apps Down Pure

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We are the first generation of parents that have had to deal with the new phenomenon! Colleges and employers are looking!

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Part 2 How do I keep my kids safe from the ever changing world of technology!?!

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Virus – Malware - Phishing

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Virus – Malware - Phishing KidZui

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The most common problem Location….Location….Location…

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Cell phones at night…

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Cell phones at night… Zip Mini thejoyfactory.com Keyword: integrity

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Cell phones at night… Scott’s low cost budget version….. The iBasket

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Contracts! Cell phone contract www.iccguru.com/cellphonecontract.doc Computer Contract www.iccguru.com/computercontract.doc

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Software you can use to keep your kids safe

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Google and YouTube Google’s “Safe Search”

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Google and YouTube YouTube’s “Safety Mode”

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Web Filter

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Web Filter Virtual Parent Software Helps Supervise child's online activities

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Whole houseWeb Filter

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Monitoring Software

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Set up iOS restrictions

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Text Message Monitoring

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Text Message Monitoring

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Cell Phone location

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Cell Phone parental Control Set internet usage rules Disable ALL internet on phone See list of currently installed apps See internet usage per app Weekly reports, emailed http://curbi.com/c/iccguru

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Android Cell Phones

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Cell Phone Carriers

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Scott’s Final Tips Educate yourselves on social media whenever possible Know the log-ins of all your children's accounts Remove technology at bedtime Talk about consequences of social media Consider some monitoring software

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Connect with your KIDS

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