Building Influence (and Business) on the Web

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www.words4business.com Building Influence (and Business) on the Web How to Make a Return on Your Online Spend

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www.words4business.com The Google Myth You will invest ?XXX per month This will mean you are higher up the search results This will mean your site gets more visits This will mean more instructions for your firm This will increase your profits

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www.words4business.com Why the SEO Myth Was Blown How many others are investing to achieve the same result? Even if you are on page 1, what is the click-through probability? (What’s the alogarithm/screen size?) How many of those are actually interested in buying your service? Are these the PROFITABLE clients? Is your SEO provider’s magic better than theirs?

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www.words4business.com Solicitors Birmingham

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www.words4business.com When SEO Works Niche work –(eg shareholder agreements) Niche Industry – Industry heroes Global/national –PI/Clin Neg Microsites

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www.words4business.com Is There a Better Way? Building Influence Leveraging other brands Building on what you have NETWORKING

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www.words4business.com The Marketing Funnel SEO Website/Front Desk Marketing activity CRM work Proselytising

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www.words4business.com Why Influence Building Works Relationships - No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care (David Cottle)/Trusted Adviser (Stephen Maister) Brand/value leveraging ‘Local Hero’ ‘Industry Hero’

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www.words4business.com Spheres of Influence Professional friend Client Industry Local Your sphere of influence

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www.words4business.com Influence Building: Web Opportunities Social networking Content Sharing/Local Hero/Industry Hero Enews Mobile News Message Targeting Can all be done in almost zero time

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www.words4business.com Current No 1. E-Newsletters HOW www.fusionexpress.co.uk WHY They Work! Our clients and us Fast (very) Cheap as chips Easy to target messages to recipients Co-brandable

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www.words4business.com Logo here

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www.words4business.com The Future Mobiles and Pad Devices You don’t need an app: get a GOOD mobile site and TARGET it

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www.words4business.com Contact Details Joe Reevy Tel: 01392 423607 Fax: 01392 214495 joe@words4business.com www.words4business.com www.legalrss.co.uk www.myinfonet.com www.barristerss.co.uk www.financialrss.co.uk

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www.words4business.com Web- Based ‘To Do’ List Good email engine (cheap – you don’t need an ‘expert’ to do this for you!) get databases ready Mobile, video and content sharing

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www.words4business.com Things that Really Work Inbound links and link trading – more efficient than SEO in most cases? Adwords Placement of links and banners – must be very well targeted. Supporting your web presence off line - essential Social networking (if done properly!) (beware goodwill issues) Content sharing – if done properly! Enewsletters (GOLD DUST!) – mobile site will be the next big thing. LinkedIn (join the right groups – target industries, not law) Trade Specialisms -being the ‘Industry heroes’ Clearly Definable Niches

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www.words4business.com Website Basics DOs: Client centred (subject matter, language style) Up to date Consistent style (enforce editing guidelines and do not lose your voice) Well edited! (VERY important!) DON’Ts: About you Out of date Technical (unless technically aware audience sought) Mish mash of styles: BUILD a HOUSE STYLE and ENFORCE IT

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www.words4business.com Key Metrics (http://www.google.com/analytics/) Pages per visit Average time on site Traffic sources: referring sites Visitors (network locations) (NB only about 40-50% of data is recorded…)

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www.words4business.com Some Statistics We’ve Observed Ppn of visitors to our site from Google 7.91% Approx % of measured visitors to our website interested in our offering – 30% Ppn of these who make contact uninvited – 20% Ppn of ‘1st contact web’ users converted – 8%. Ppn of ‘1st contact email’ users converted – 35% (same for paper etc ads) Approx conversion ratio 90:1 Recent report – 0.015% (15 in 100,000) visitors created by SEO on a law firm website made any contact…)

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www.words4business.com Our Experience SEO Experiment – 6 months ?1,000 pcm. Site traffic up 120% Enquiries /LRSS Signups up 5% Qualified Business Enquiries – up 0% Many visits from known hacker zones Net Effect – Perceived need for enhanced admin security. US Study 15 contacts per 100,000 visitors