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GRANNY WAS A HACKER photo: lisa cockburn

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knitting = code flickr: stephanieasher

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96 st = 12 ASCII characters in binary at 8 stitches each “Decoder hat” by zabet stewart

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Source code of ravelry.com (knitting website) “binary scarf” by heycarrieann

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Code Red computer virus (2001) “The viral knitting project” by kirsty robertson & others

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steganography flickr: beep1o

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RAVELRY: CYN flickr: devaburger

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flickr: adamknits

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flickr: jacqueline-w

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Left mitten reads “My Left Mitten”; thumb reads “Thumb”, etc “morse code” by kate atherley

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Letters converted to base 6, graphed, and mirrored “peace” by naomi parkhurst

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Encodes a stanza from Dr. Seuss’s Oh, The Places You'll Go! “Braille Socks” by Jessica Landers

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LET’S GET HIGH-TECH flickr: berzowska

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flickr: bekathwia

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flickr: bekathwia

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knityak custom mathematical knit scarves @fbz

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flickr: devaburger

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flickr: KathyReid

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Encodes and displays the next row of your knitting pattern via LEDs “Know It All Bag” by Kalani Craig

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Sparkly blinkenlights! “GEMMA SEQUIN HAT” by becky stern

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Canva Comma Club Cushion

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Conductive thread allows touch screen use in cold weather! “IN TOUCH GLOVES” by knit picks

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flickr: ST3F4N Kris Howard @web_goddess