I want to be a more efficient developer

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I want to be a more efficient developer Talk by @waxzce – Quentin ADAM At mix it 2014

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My day to day work : Clever Cloud, make your app run all the time

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And learn a lot of things about your code, apps, and good/bad design… Keep your apps online. made with node.js, scala, java, ruby, php, python, go…

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Developers are more and more creative

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Devs leads a lot of business

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Ship quickly working apps

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Value is on people Market knowledge, team management, product ownership…

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How make them be more efficient ?

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Developer happiness is key

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Happy people produce better work

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Optimize code and process to be happy of what you are doing

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Open sources work processes are better

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People writing code because they just want to do it Think about

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Because they can solve problem of the world

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Build a framework to produce code easily and show it easily

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Release early release often

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Release early Deploy often

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Focus on your own added value

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Deployment has to be easy !

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Be focus when you code

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Git push <your_favorite_hosting_ provider> master

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Git push <your_favorite_ Continuous_integration_ system> master

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Or not ;-)

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All the team have to be ready to deploy

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You have to deploy your app several times a day

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Split your app

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Split the code : modules

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Smallest code base possible for each program

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Each module is viewed as a service by others http or amqp comunication Or as a client

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Use event broker to modularize your app AMQP Celery 0MQ Redis JMS Some case : hadoop, akka… … CRON is not an event queue

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Focus on the best tool to solve your problem

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Don’t be that guy

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Do not use a technology because you <3 it or because it’s hype : use it because it fits your needs Balance your learning curve with the time saved

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Do not create monsters

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Lear new things & innovate

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{P, DB, S} aaS Use ops free solution to learn and start

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Use online database / be ready to test in just a few minutes No need to trash your computer

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Make all deployments async module by module

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Statelessness everywhere Avoid host specific things

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Do not use file system to store something It doesn’t scale It’s hard to expose as a service It’s a SPOF There is ALWAYS a better option

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Scale your team modularize your team

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SOA is back

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Time will trash your code

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The power of rewrite everything

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Small code base + multiple technologies = legacy killer

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Rewrite is quick because you know all the problems before it happens

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Happy developer works better : Are you happy when you start your IDE?

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Version Everything ! Data & API

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Nosql json data need version

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Use http and all the goodness it bring on your app

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200 OK body : { type : error, message : i can’t find the file }

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Really ?

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Put some tools in your code

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Use build manager

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Let peoples free to choose their IDE

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use a configuration manager / library

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Learn git “like a boss”

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I mean : use git with CLI

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Focus on code readability

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Avoid early performances optimization

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You have to think it’s your first day on the code base

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And something will make you happy

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a documentation slim as possible

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Write everything

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Do you work like this ?

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Example : how does clever cloud work ?

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Some of technology we use C

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All together using http & amqp

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The fast developer way Statup weekends Hackatons Coding dojo Lean startup machine

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I’m @waxzce on twitter I’m the CEO of A PaaS provider, give it a try ;-) Thx for listening & questions time