Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report Simplified and Redesigned

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THE 2015 INTERNET TRENDS REPORT – Simplified & Designed. created by

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The impact of Internet has been extraordinary and broad…but it’s just the beginning.

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2,800,000,000 people now use the internet. (That’s 39% of the world!)

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87% of millennials say their smartphone never leaves their side.

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Internet user growth and smartphone subscription growth is strong but slowing.

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A lot of space for innovation and growth can be found in the following sectors: Education Healthcare Government

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Internet Trends 2015

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Advertising Growth rates in mobile advertising for leaders is still high but slowing.

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Video viewing and 
 vertical viewing on 
 mobile is growing. Vertical viewing increased 29% compared to 5% 
 5 years ago.

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Expect seamless integration of 
 “Buy” Buttons optimized for mobile. (Particularly with Twitter, Facebook and Google.) BUY

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Business Solutions A focus on doing things not just faster, but differently.

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Reinventing business processes through apps: Mail Clients Offline Payments Business Analytics Online Payments Human Resources

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Messaging and Communication “Messaging and notifications are the key components of every meaningful mobile app.”

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6+ of 10 most used apps globally are messaging apps. Non-smartphone users are likely to onboard through messaging platforms.

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Asia’s messaging apps lead the way to show US companies what to do next. Development of additional services and use as an e-commerce platform. Kakao Talk WeChat LINE

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User-Generated Content Content is becoming increasingly user-generated and curated.

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Increasing amount of user-generated content Images Video Content Sharing Audio Videogame Streaming Stories Reviews

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Online Marketplaces Changes in connectivity and technology 
 are changing the ways people can work.

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Online platforms are enabling growth in product commerce and rapid growth in service commerce. Individuals can now do commerce in increasingly efficient ways.

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Drones Consumer drone use is global and rising rapidly.

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Consumer drones are selling but commercial use is the big opportunity. Precision Agriculture Mining and Quarrying Infrastructure Inspection Disaster Response

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Consumer Spending There is a lot of innovation in consumer spending categories.

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The top 3 consumer spending categories are also the weakest user experience markets This has led to innovation. Housing Transportation Food Airbnb Uber Instacart

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China Innovation is alive and well.

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WeChat 549M users Paying 
 Utilities Massive Scale and Engagement Major Video Distribution Channel Government Services Booking Appointments Passport Applications

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Xiaomi China’s leader in smartphone shipment SMARTPHONE GROWTH +227% Y/Y in 2014 + Smartphone + Retail Store Connection Remote Control 
 for Home Devices

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India India is quickly becoming a mobile business target, as the third largest market of Internet users at 243M.

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65% of India’s Internet traffic is through mobile. (Only second to Nigeria.)
 and 41% of India’s e-commerce is done through mobile.

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#1 Largest market 
 for monthly active users on WhatsApp #2 Second largest market for monthly active users on Facebook and LinkedIn +

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Top 10 Global Internet Public Market Leaders 2015 Market Value ($B)

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1 2 3 4 5 Apple $764B Google $373B Alibaba $233B Facebook $226B Amazon $199B 6 Tencent $190B 7 eBay $73B 8 Baidu $72B 9 Priceline $63B 10 Salesforce.com $49B

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Want to know more? Read the full report: www.kpcb.com/internet-trends

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