WordPress and the Enterprise Disconnect

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnDtQAjYhRQ O C T O B E R 3 1 S T, 2 0 1 5 WORDPRESS AND THE ENTERPRISE DISCONNECT @jeckman • #wcnyc

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http://trends.builtwith.com/cms @jeckman • #wcnyc @jeckman • #wcnyc

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@jeckman • #wcnyc

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@jeckman • #wcnyc

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Automattic appears significantly less than other vendors . . . where key scenarios require integration with other enterprise systems . . . some customers are cautious of the complexity — and quality — involved in employing . . . third party components. The downside of WordPress' usability and accessibility is . . . content sprawl and reduced governance. WordPress' simple elegance suits organizations with simple requirements, but the innovative aspirations of many enterprises . . . require more innovation and sophistication. WordPress lags behind . . . in areas such @jeckman • #wcnyc as context awareness.

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http://jboye.com/blog/wordpress-the-most-used-cms-in-the-world-and-still-not-good-enough/ @jeckman • #wcnyc

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http://jboye.com/blog/wordpress-the-most-used-cms-in-the-world-and-still-not-good-enough/ “Despite all these apparent strengths, very few organisations consider WordPress as an option when they go through a CMS selection exercise. Large and complex organisations seem to mostly ignore it.” @jeckman • #wcnyc

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WHO ARE ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS? ORG TYPE: B E H AV I O R : • Large for-profit • Scaling Processes and companies • Well Funded Non- Profits/NGOs • Government • Education technology • Multilingual / multisite / complex org structures • Significant infrastructure • Many integrations @jeckman • #wcnyc

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W H Y D O W E WA N T T H E M ? @jeckman • #wcnyc

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N O , R E A L LY • Impact • Innovation at scale • Long-term predictable relationships • Open Source value exchange • Customers with money but not time • Users with time but not money @jeckman • #wcnyc

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A N A LY S T S @jeckman • #wcnyc

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http://www.emailvendorselection.com/omg-your-rfp-is-killing-me/ @jeckman • #wcnyc

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@jeckman • #wcnyc

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N E G O T I AT I N G W I T H B I G G E R C O . https://www.flickr.com/photos/miguel77/5541356248/ @jeckman • #wcnyc

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“Vendors often report little interest in usability among prospects and buyers beyond the basic authoring interface. We don't believe that. The problem remains that end-users are too often shut out of buying decisions.” - TONY BYRNE, REAL STORY GROUP (2004) @jeckman • #wcnyc

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L E T ’ S N O T L O S E W H AT M A K E S W O R D P R E S S G R E AT I N S E A R C H O F M A K I N G I T “ E N T E R P R I S E F R I E N D LY ” @jeckman • #wcnyc

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P H I L O S O P H Y- D R I V E N D E V E LO P M E N T • Out of the Box • Striving for Simplicity • Design for the • Deadlines are not Majority • Decisions, not Options Arbitrary • The Vocal Minority • Our Bill of Rights • Clean, Lean, and Mean @jeckman • #wcnyc

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@jeckman • #wcnyc

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A D D R E S S B U S I N E S S I M PA C T • Using the prospect’s language, not insider terms • Telling the business story • White papers, case studies, slide decks, videos • Outside the WordPress bubble http://www.alphasandesh.com/blog/how-to-use-relevant-content-in-your-email-marketing/ @jeckman • #wcnyc

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INFLUENCE THE ADVISORS @jeckman • #wcnyc

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INFLUENCE THE ADVISORS @jeckman • #wcnyc

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john@10up.com @jeckman johneckman.com openparenthesis.org goatless.org

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@jeckman • #wcnyc

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