The Web As You Know It Is Over (and What You Can Do About It)

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The Web As You Know It Is Over (and What You Can Do About It) Matthew Knell, VP of Social Media, about.com @matthewknell #orlandoix15

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• • 13th largest site on the Internet • 1,000 Experts on topics from parenting to technology, healthcare and cooking. • #orlandoix15 85 million people visit about.com every month Each month more people check out About.com than Pandora, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Linkedin or Netflix. Sources: ComScore, about.com internal metrics

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4 #orlandoix15 Reasons Why The Web You Know Is Over

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Reason #1 Mobile is finally the primary platform #orlandoix15 Photo: Osborne Luggable from http://www.oldcomputers.net/osborne.html

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Mobile has won People spend more consuming media on their mobiles than their desktop or laptop and have for the last two years. #orlandoix15 Taken from, and I highly recommend you read Mary Meeker’s seminal Internet Trends Report: http://www.slideshare.net/kleinerperkins/internet-trends-v1

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In 2015, mobiles and tablet visitors have accounted for more page views than desktop visitors. #orlandoix15 Source: about.com internal stats, 2015

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Reason #2 Search isn’t as dominant anymore #orlandoix15

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Facebook can drive more traffic then Google Media sites got more traffic from Facebook than Google in July 2015 #orlandoix15

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Major publishers Site Search Refinery29 38% 24% HuffingtonPost 22% 36% BuzzFeed 51% 13% Mashable 43% 24% Quartz 40% 22% NY Times 20% 23% WSJ 13% 33% CNN 11% 20% Fox News 9% 21% Mother Jones 48% 18% Gawker #orlandoix15 Social 13% 18% Source: SimilarWeb, Jul-Sep 2015

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Pinterest = emerging as the new search Pinterest is fast becoming a search engine for people’s passions and desires. It’s a new “human edited” search engine. #orlandoix15

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social visitors are 24% more engaged than search visitors Pinterest visitors are 108% more engaged than the average social user #orlandoix15 Source: about.com internal stats, Jan-Aug 2015

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Reason #3 The line between media and distribution is blurring #orlandoix15

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Traffic increasingly lives in closed systems Requires content creators to understand and play platform rules and create content in more places. #orlandoix15

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Hybrid hosting • Facebook hopes “Instant Articles” will make content load faster for users by hosting third-party content on their servers. • Washington Post has committed to publishing 100% of their content this way. • Google and Twitter are working on their own versions. More about Instant Articles: http://instantarticles.fb.com #orlandoix15

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Apple News • Personalized content on your iOS device. • New with iOS 9. • Allows for more elegantly designed content. #orlandoix15

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Fully distributed content networks • • BuzzFeed BFF is a fully distributed network as well. • #orlandoix15 NowThis doesn’t have a website, living entirely on social. Huffington Post is moving this way too.

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Reason #4 Private is the new Public #orlandoix15

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Chat apps • #orlandoix15 4 of the 6 top social networks worldwide are chat / messenging applications. Source: We Are Social’s Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015 report: http://www.slideshare.net/wearesocialsg/digital-social-mobile-in-2015

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Chat popular amongst all demos Among smartphone owners 1829, 49% use messaging apps. But 37% of 30-49 and 24% of 50+ do too. #orlandoix15 Source: Pew Internet: http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/08/19/mobile-messaging-and-social-media-2015-main-findings/

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Snapchat rising Explosive growth in Snapchat in the last two years suggests that more millennials are keeping it “in the network”. #orlandoix15

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3 Things You Can Do About It #orlandoix15

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Thing #1 Offer share tools smartly #orlandoix15

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Limit Share Options Review the quality and quantity of traffic from social sources. Only highlight in share buttons the ones you want traffic from. It’s ok to limit choices. #orlandoix15

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Consider Chat Apps For Sharing USA Today’s FTW saw 3-4x the number of shares to What’s App over Twitter on Mobile #orlandoix15 Source: Digiday http://digiday.com/publishers/usa-todays-win-ditched-twitter-buttons-mobile/

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Thing #2 Optimize your metadata for mobile and social #orlandoix15

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Open Graph Tags • Allow you to specify exactly how a Facebook share looks with code on the page. • Author tags let you specify a Facebook profile or page to associate with a writer to help grow their social audience. Photo Title More about Open Graph: http://ogp.me Description Author Tags #orlandoix15

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Rich Pin in Search Pin Detail Page Pinterest Rich Pins Title Site Name Description Most Open Graph Tags work with Rich Pins too little additional work required • Photo • Allows you to customize metadata about pins • Helps pages show up in Pinterest search • Come in App, Product, Article, Place, Movie, Recipe Pins More about Rich Pins: https://business.pinterest.com/en/rich-pins #orlandoix15

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After enabling Rich Pins, page views from Pinterest increased 40% in a single week #orlandoix15 Source: about.com internal stats

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Thing #3 Make sure your content can work anywhere #orlandoix15

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Social Titles Consider adding a second “social friendly” title to your content. Output the second social title in your Open Graph tags to show only in shares. #orlandoix15

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Social Titles Consider using those social titles on related links and mobile pages too #orlandoix15

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Micro content Content gives, screens don’t #orlandoix15

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Amazon Echo Remember emerging formats Samsung Gear VR Apple TV

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Keep your RSS Feeds fresh Yes, RSS Feeds still matter. As new content distribution systems grow, make sure you still have update RSS feeds for your content for other uses. Consider building APIs to allow qualified apps to use your content too. #orlandoix15

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Questions? @matthewknell #orlandoix15

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