2 Ways Microsoft and Google  are Following Apple's Lead 

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2 Ways Microsoft and Google  are Following Apple's Lead 

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Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet’s Google have been competing in the mobile space for a while.

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It’s no secret that Microsoft has trailed its mobile competitors, but lately the company has taken a page out of Apple’s playbook to help fix that.

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Microsoft is consistently releasing more hardware of its own, and pairing it with its popular Windows software.

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In October, Microsoft released a new Surface Pro 4, two new Lumia smartphones, an updated Microsoft Band device, and the Surface Book tablet computer.

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In the past, Microsoft released devices so it could showcase its Windows software.

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But the expansion of the company’s own branded devices shows Microsoft sees the value in creating its own software and hardware.

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But it’s not just Microsoft that’s following Apple’s lead. Google is starting to mimic Apple in a different way.

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Recently, The Information reported that Google is considering the possibility of designing its own processors for Android devices.

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Which would make Android work better and give Google more control over Android.

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Sound familiar?

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Google wants the devices that run its Android operating system to better compete with Apple’s high-end devices, and it thinks that designing the chips could make that happen.

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“By designing its own chips, Google can make sure the right amount of horsepower gets assigned to all the right places and remove bottlenecks that would slow down these new features.” Source: Ars Technica. — Ron Amadeo, Ars Technica

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Google reportedly wants to add augmented and virtual reality features to future versions of Android, which would take up lots of processing power.

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And designing its own chips could help Android run these new features much better.

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So Google is looking to copy Apple’s strategy of designing its own chips and Microsoft wants to imitate Apple’s pairing of hardware and software.

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Considering Apple’s iPhone rakes in about 92% of all smartphone profits and its Mac computers continually outpace other PC sales…

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… it’s probably wise for Microsoft and Google to start following in Apple’s footsteps.

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