Long-Term Success with Reddit

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Subreddit Rules

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Admins vs Moderators

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Front Page 50 popular Subreddits bit.ly/1pNKAiK

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Logarithmic Voting Algorithm

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Logarithmic Voting Algorithm

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Silent Bans

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Be Anonymous

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Become a Redditor

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Comment Before Submitting

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Comment On Upcoming Stories

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Find Your Passion

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Redditmetrics.com Large vs Active

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Rules, Rules, Rules

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Impress the Mods

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Review Moderators for their interests Submit what they submit Brent Csutoras | Long Term Success with Reddit Redditinvestigator.com

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Domain search for what is already working Research

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Review TOP and Controversial

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10am EST or when right mods are active ;) Submit at the Right Time

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What is Spam? Submitting your own content, be careful If you don’t reply and comment Submitting off-topic links to a community Submitting too much to a community If your submissions keep getting downvoted, but you keep submitting reddit.com/r/spam List of suspected spammer accounts

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Other Opportunities Recreate Reddit Focused Content Reddit Gold Reddit Ads AMA (Ask Me Anything) Comments

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Recreate popular concepts over 6 months old Reddit Focused Content

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You, Influencers, Mods Gold Partner Reddit Gold

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Reddit Ads

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AMA (Ask Me Anything) One of most popular Subreddits Obama, Bill Gates, Celebrities, etc Everyday people too

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Responding to Comments Related threads Reddit exclusive offers Link to resources

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Things to Remember Reddit is filled with Influencers, a great demographic audience, and growing regularly. Become a Redditor and comment often Find active subreddits, with accommodating rules Research what works Marry the Mods Consider alternate avenues of marketing other than submissions

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