Developing Frameworks for Apache Mesos

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Developing Frameworks for Apache Mesos

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Joe Stein CEO of Elodina http://www.elodina.net/ a big data as a service platform built on top open source software. The Elodina platform enables customers to analyze data streams and programmatically react to the results in real-time. We solve today’s data analytics needs by providing the tools and support necessary to utilize open source technologies. As users, contributors and committers, Elodina also provides support for frameworks that run on Mesos including Apache Kafka, Exhibitor (Zookeeper), Apache Storm, Apache Cassandra and a whole lot more! LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/charmalloc Twitter : @allthingshadoop

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What goes on Mesos? Framework = (Scheduler + Executor) What does it look like without a scheduler? We can do better using a scheduler! Schedulers working together. Framework API & Examples. Overview

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What goes on Mesos?

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Many, many things

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Anything can be run on Mesos with Marathon or Aurora https://mesosphere.github.io/marathon/ http://aurora.apache.org/

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Framework = (Scheduler + Executor)

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mesos/kafka https://github.com/mesos/kafka

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Scheduler Provides the operational automation for a Kafka Cluster. Manages the changes to the broker's configuration. Exposes a REST API for the CLI to use or any other client. Runs on Marathon for high availability. Broker Failure Management “stickiness” Executor The executor interacts with the kafka broker as an intermediary to the scheduler Scheduler & Executor

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CLI & REST API scheduler - starts the scheduler. add - adds one more more brokers to the cluster. update - changes resources, constraints or broker properties one or more brokers. remove - take a broker out of the cluster. start - starts a broker up. stop - this can either a graceful shutdown or will force kill it (./kafka-mesos.sh help stop) rebalance - allows you to rebalance a cluster either by selecting the brokers or topics to rebalance. Manual assignment is still possible using the Apache Kafka project tools. Rebalance can also change the replication factor on a topic. help - ./kafka-mesos.sh help || ./kafka-mesos.sh help {command}

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Launch 20 brokers in seconds ./kafka-mesos.sh add 1000..1019 --cpus 0.01 --heap 128 --mem 256 --options num.io.threads=1 ./kafka-mesos.sh start 1000..1019

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What does it look like without a scheduler?

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without a scheduler

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without a scheduler

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without a scheduler

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without a scheduler

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without a scheduler

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We can do better using a scheduler

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with a scheduler

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with a scheduler

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with a scheduler

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with a scheduler

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with a scheduler

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Schedulers working together

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Framework API & Examples

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Mesos Protos https://github.com/apache/mesos/blob/master/include/mesos/mesos.proto Everything is good to understand but here is a good place to start FrameworkInfo TaskInfo TaskState MasterInfo SlaveInfo

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Mesos Framework Development Guide http://mesos.apache.org/documentation/latest/app-framework-development-guide/ Scheduler API registered, reregistered, disconnected resourceOffers, offerRescinded, statusUpdate, frameworkMessage slaveLost, executorLost, error Executor API registered, reregistered, disconnected launchTask, killTask, frameworkMessage

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Task Reconciliation http://mesos.apache.org/documentation/latest/reconciliation/ It is the responsibility of Mesos (scheduler driver / Master) to ensure that the framework is notified when a disconnection, and subsequent (re-)registration occurs. At this point, the scheduler should perform task state reconciliation.

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Language Bindings c++ > https://github.com/apache/mesos/tree/master/src/examples python > https://github.com/apache/mesos/tree/master/src/examples/python https://github.com/wickman/pesos java > https://github.com/apache/mesos/tree/master/src/examples/java http://mesos.apache.org/api/latest/java/ https://github.com/groupon/jesos go > https://github.com/mesos/mesos-go clojure > https://github.com/dgrnbrg/clj-mesos https://github.com/pyr/mesomatic scala > https://github.com/mesosphere/scala-sbt-mesos-framework.g8

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Rendler A rendering web crawler for Apache Mesos. https://github.com/mesosphere/RENDLER

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Questions? Joe Stein http://www.elodina.net