Here's How to Capitalize on the Internet of Things

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OK, perhaps that’s a tad dramatic. But the Internet of Things is going to change nearly every aspect of your life.

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Like… Healthcare Transportation Energy Technology Public sector Agriculture Construction Manufacturing Banking Smart cities

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- Jim Tully Gartner Research

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Nearly 25 billion ‘things’ will be connected to the Internet, and the IoT will add $2 trillion in economic benefits worldwide.

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But how do you capitalize on it?

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For example, you can invest in: Sensor companies Chip companies Software and services companies Analytics companies Device makers

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There are plenty of companies you already know that are making big waves in the Internet of Things.

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Find big companies that are making huge moves in IoT: General Electric uses millions of sensors in its industrial machinery, and makes its own IoT software too Both Google and Microsoft have created software to power Internet of Things devices Intel makes IoT chips, has purchased a handful of IoT companies, and already earns more from the Internet of Things than it does from mobile Samsung owns home automation company Smart Things and recently released its own IoT processor

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Or, take a smaller approach: CalAmp has a wireless datacom business that helps companies manage machine-to-machine (M2M) connections, including some of Caterpillar’s largest equipment NXP Semiconductors is merging with Freescale Semiconductor, which will make the company the fourth-largest semiconductor maker and the dominant semiconductor supplier to the auto industry. Sierra Wireless makes wireless embedded modules for M2M devices, wireless gateways, and software to manage IoT connections.

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For instance: The Internet of Things isn’t very secure right now There are too many emerging standards A plethora of sensors and data tracking could cause major privacy issues

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The Internet of Things’ potential is far too big for investors to ignore — and it’s not too late for investors to get in early.

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