Internet Of Things Building a Smarter World

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Internet Of Things Building a Smarter World Naveen Sabapathy President, Nimble Wireless

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History MOSAIC 1993 Popular Internet

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Internet of Things Connecting People

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Scale of Things

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What matters ? Number of Devices does not matter Intelligent Solutions matter

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Looming Opportunity Consumer Industrial Environment Medical Retail Military Agriculture Automotive IoT

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IoT : Business Drivers Cost reduction Revenue Increase Compliance New Business Models

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IoT Drivers IoT

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IoT : A technical Perspective Sensors Form factor Low Power Range Aggregation Bandwidth Network Access IoT is the entire system

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IoT Challenges Form Factor & Power Networks & Protocols Data Processing Device Management Reliability Privacy & Security Building IoT Systems at Scale is not easy Security and Device Management are hardest in practice

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Wireless Landscape WBAN WPAN WLAN WAN NFC RF4CE, Zigbee Whitespace M2M Cellular WiFi Proprietary Sub GHz 0.01 1 10 100 Mbps

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IoT Protocol Standards HTTP Internet Internet of Things = Evolving

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IoT Case Studies

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Tracking Heavy Equipments Monitor 1000+ leased equipments GPS Sensors with 2yr+ battery life Improve asset usage Improve recovery

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Telecom Energy Monitoring 1000s of sensor data/hour Remote Monitoring Reliability of Infrastructure New Revenue models

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Keep It Cool ! 750+ Sensors network Ensure quality of Ice creams Reduce wastage Improve User Experience

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Wind Energy Monitoring

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Future of IoT “The most profound technologies are those that disappear” Mark Weiser, Scientific American, 1991

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Conclusion IoT has just begun A Smarter and Secure World is waiting to be built