Ten Things You'll Want to Do Right Away with Windows 10

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Cover image © pixalot / iStockphoto 10 Things You’ll Want to Do ® Right Away with Windows 10

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1 Set up unique user accounts. Windows® allows several people to work on the same computer, yet it keeps everybody’s work separate.

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Keep your account private with a password. If you protect your computer with a username and password, nobody can access your files. A password is more important than ever in Windows® 10 because some accounts can be tied to a credit card. 2

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3 Set up a ® Microsoft account. This is required to access many of Microsoft’s services and consists of simply an e-mail address and password. Having an account allows you to store files on OneDrive®, download apps from the Windows Store, and monitor your children’s online activities.

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Customize the Start menu. The Start menu is back in Windows® 10, and you can organize it by purging unwanted tiles while adding in your favorites. 4

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5 Get to know your free apps. The Windows® Start menu shows many of your apps. You might spot everything from your Calculator to 3D Builder, which lets owners of three-dimensional printers create plastic doodads from computer files.

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Jazz up your desktop’s background. Once you tire of the built-in scenery, feel free to replace it with a picture stored on your computer. 6

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7 Chat with Cortana . TM The new digital assistant bundled with Windows® 10 is Cortana . Cortana understands speech commands and can help you find information on your computer or on the Internet. TM TM

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Download some games. 8 The Windows® Store offers tons of games. Many of them, including some free ones, are well worth trying.

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9 Add something to your Reading List. Spot something on the web you want to read later? Add it to your Reading List, which acts as a storage space.

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10 Make a Web note. Coveted mostly by owners of a tablet and stylus, use this feature to mark up a web page and save it as a graphic.

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Windows® 10 is full of both new and familiar features that you’re going to want to jump into right away. Now that you know there’s so much worth exploring, what are you waiting for? Learn more on dummies.com. For Dummies is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners

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