The Internet of Things and the Future of Insights

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THE VINE To get the freshest food, get as close to the vine as you can.

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FRESH INSIGHTS To get the freshest insights, get as close to the point of decision making as you can. Thinking Time Distance Thought

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® POINT OF INFLUENCE With location-based research from the Field Agent mobile app, companies gain insights at the point of decision-making.

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INTERNET OF THINGS New levels of connectivity will change when and how people make purchase decisions, and give us new ways to understand the process. CLICK HERE to see our blog post on these 4 Futuristic Research Tools

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WITH THE INTERNET OF THINGS… •  Shopping, purchase, and usage decisions will happen everywhere •  Separation between the shopper and the consumer will diminish •  Technology will measure decisions all along the way

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WITH THE INTERNET OF THINGS… •  We can know more about what people Do •  We may not need to ask them What But we still need to know: •  “Why?” •  “How do you feel?” •  “How do you decide?” •  “What would you do if…?” We can ask people questions via a lot of new devices and in a lot of new ways

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BUT WHAT ABOUT… •  Acceptance (“creepiness”) factor •  Privacy concerns

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BEACON IN-STORE TEST Shoppers who interacted with beacons: ü  Traveled into the aisle +26 pts. vs. the Control Store ü  Were more willing to accept mobile messages ü  Increased desire to receive in-aisle mobile messages 2x vs. control ü  Were willing to accept 3-4 messages during a large shopping trip

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FUTURISTIC SCENARIOS We presented people with futuristic scenarios to understand… Connected store aisle 1.  Appeal of the technology (benefit) Connected appliances & replenishment Connected home Connected body (health monitoring) 2.  Comfort level with surveys triggered by the technology (creepiness factor?) 3.  Likelihood to respond to survey triggered from the technology

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CONNECTED AISLE ATTITUDES Virtual In-Store Shopper You linger on an aisle, then a message appears on your smartphone from the store, asking if you need help… 27% found this technology appealing

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CONNECTED AISLE ATTITUDES Virtual In-Store Shopper A message appears on your smartphone from the store, asking you to explain why you bought one product instead of another… Technology appeal Survey comfort Response 37% 27% 20% Connected Aisle

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CONNECTED REPLENISHMENT A washing machine that automatically orders detergent when it’s low.

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CONNECTED REPLENISHMENT Acceptance Your washing machine automatically senses when you are running low on detergent, and reorders for you 48% found this technology appealing

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CONNECTED REPLENISHMENT Survey Attitudes When you select a different brand of detergent to order, the washing machine asks you why 48% Technology appeal Survey comfort Response 45% 31% Connected Replenishment

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CONNECTED HOME Acceptance Your lighting, heating, and cooling are connected to the Internet, so while you are away you can adjust thermostat and lights. 87% found this technology appealing

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CONNECTED HOME Survey Attitudes You reduced your heating and cooling for a week. Your thermostat asked if you were on vacation and, if so, some questions about your vacation planning process. Technology appeal Survey comfort Response 87% 37% 31% Connected Home

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CONNECTED BODY/HEALTH Acceptance Your health monitor device senses your blood pressure is running high and suggests you visit a doctor. 69% found this technology appealing

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CONNECTED BODY/HEALTH Survey Attitudes You missed a dose of your twice daily medication, and your device asked you to complete a survey about a new medication with a different dosing schedule. 69% Technology appeal Survey comfort Response 55% 45% Connected Body/Health

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CONNECTED ATTITUDES Comfort levels and responses are higher when connected to clear benefits. Technology appeal Survey comfort Think of “Cookies” – people willing to accept them to get a more personalized Internet experience. 48% 45% 37% 27% 31% Response 87% 69% 55% 37% 45% 31% 20% Connected Aisle Connected Replenishment Connected Home Connected Body

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AND THERE IS ALSO… •  Survey Overload how much is too much, will there be something equivalent to a “Do not call” list where users opt out? •  Privacy Concerns strongest benefits may have the highest risks, especially regarding health related devices •  Lack of Clear Benefit to Responding how do we offer incentives? •  Early Adopters vs. Mainstream

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“The scarce resource will continue to be human attention. There is a limit to the usefulness of devices that are worn in public but that demand attention because it is often socially and practically unacceptable to give those devices enough attention to make them worth the trouble of configuring and interacting with.” Karl Fogel, partner at Open Tech Strategies, president at QuestionCopyright.org

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