Here's Why Automakers Want to Buy Nokia's Mapping Service

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Here's Why Automakers Want to Buy Nokia's Mapping Service

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Automakers want back in to the navigation game.

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The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Audi, BMW and Daimler are nearing a deal to buy Nokia’s HERE mapping service.

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Though the deal hasn’t been finalized yet, the car companies are expected to pay about $2.7 billion for Nokia’s maps. Source: WSJ.

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The rise of Google Maps and Apple Maps has overtaken the car industry’s control over navigation.

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And it’s only getting worse.

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Earlier this month, Uber bought part of Microsoft’s Bing Maps for its on-demand driving service.

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Automakers are worried they’ll soon be too reliant on tech companies for mapping services.

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As semi-autonomous and autonomous cars become more prevalent, automakers want to be the ones directing how vehicles get around.

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So they’re looking to Nokia’s HERE maps to make that happen.

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If the bid goes through, the current group of automakers would likely open up the deal to other carmakers.

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That would pit the tech companies against the automotive companies in a fight for in-car navigation control.

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It won’t be an easy battle for carmakers.

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But buying Nokia’s maps is the first step to securing more control over autonomous cars.

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