The Internet of No Things

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Demos Helsinki is the Nordic think tank

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Internet of NO things?

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When is the last time that you watched your mobile phone?

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We look at our phone every 6th minute

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every 6 minutes

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In ten years time we will never look at our phones.

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64000 MB

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There is tech worth c.a 1 million krones in ANY smartphone.

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Functionalities Size Price

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Smart phone ”Smart Environments” ”Smart Dust”

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internet = man made materials

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ENERGY HARVESTING Heat, light, movement and radiowaves.

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PRINTABLE ELECTRONICS Solar cells, screens, touch screens, processors….

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SENSOR REVOLUTION Light, velocity, heat, moist, sound, figure, speech, ”smell”, position, rotation, proximity, gestures, etc.

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This is a horrible world!

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This is a wonderful world!

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Bits and atoms are joining.

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Uber ≈ 400 Airbnb ≈ 160 billion krones

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What if all the transportation in Sweden is operated by UBER and all homes by AIRBNB?

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1. Internet of NO things is already happening 2. It changes our relationship to the physical world 3. Eventually internet will disappear and become part of our environment 4. Nobody knows exactly how, but we know pretty certainly that somehow

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5 nuggets from internet of NO things.

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1. Super resource efficient society

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2. Post-choice society.

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3. Postownership society.

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4. Post-market society.

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5. Post-energy society.

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Where to now?

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We have two roads to choose from.

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1. Conservative agenda. Conserve what our current structures with laws, regulations and incentivising 2. Progressive agenda. Ask what should we do with this new technology, how can we harness it and keep the values we have.

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The progressive Agenda = The Nordic Agenda

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Thanks! Roope Mokka Twitter: @mokka roope.mokka@demoseffect.com

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