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How to select the best small business accounting software

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Selecting the best accounting software is tricky and confusing. A lot of vendors are providing accounting software, mobile apps, on cloud or on the premise. So how do you know for sure that your accounting software is doing a good job for your business and you are really having the best accounting software. www.acclux.com

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www.acclux.com These 6 features are essential to have in your small business accounting software.

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1 www.acclux.com You are not tied to a machine or location

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Being able to access your data from anywhere not only from the office is very essential these days, it will give you the flexibility to work from office, home or anywhere. Having your business on the cloud will make it easier for you to run your business

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2 www.acclux.com Invoice generation and tracking tools

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It's very obvious, the quicker you send your invoices to your customers; the quicker you will get paid. Moreover, having the tools to create professional invoices is very important, it gives your business credibility and your customer will probably trust you more. Also, it's important to be able to track your payments and know which invoices get paid and which ones still pending. www.acclux.com

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3 www.acclux.com Must be connected with the other parts of your business

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If you are providing services to your customers and you are using project management or time tracking software, your accounting software must be part of your business workflow so you can have a central place to run the entire business www.acclux.com

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4 www.acclux.com Easy ways to get paid

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One of the biggest problem every business owner is facing is how to get paid faster and on time. The solution for this problem is to provide your customers with an easy way of payment like online payment. Online payment method will significantly speed up your sales cycle. www.acclux.com

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5 www.acclux.com Reporting & easy generated financial documents

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Having a good reporting and analytics tool is really essential for you as a business owner, it will help you to know where you are standing and how your business is doing. You will take off from your shoulders a heavy task if your financial documents can be easily generated for you so you can always be ready to view your business status. This will be very helpful for tax return benefits

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6 www.acclux.com Supported by mobile apps

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In today's world, it is essential to have your accounting app on your mobile devices. You will have an easy way to access your business data, generate invoices and much more. www.acclux.com

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www.acclux.com For more information, visit www.acclux.com

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