Hacking the Community to Build Themes Faster!

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Andy Wilkerson Hacking the Community to Build Themes Faster! @AndyInTheWild | http://para.llel.us

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Where do I start? (here)

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Who is going to use it? Define Your Requirements Is this...a custom theme for a client? Or…a theme to resell? Maybe…something else? (WordPress.org, your own website, etc.)

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Frameworks vs Custom What’s the best choice?

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What are Frameworks? Parent Theme Drop-in Option Builders

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Finding a Framework https://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Frameworks Google: wordpress framework

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Probably Frameworks You Know Genesis Thesis Hybrid Core Headway PageLines Cherry Framework Carrington Core Gantry Framework SMOF Options Framework Runway Framework UpThemes Vafpress Framework Codestar Framework Ultimatium

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Small Projects Special Requirements Everything Else Sucks Get your custom on!

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You don’t use _S? Pfff! Premium as a Starter (or framework) Starter Themes

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Creating a Demo

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Helpful Plugins

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Go with the [work] flow. Streamline

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It is very hard to create a process. Rinse and Repeat

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Andy Wilkerson @AndyInTheWild | http://para.llel.us | runwaywp.com | para.llel.us/+/wcn15