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2 Apple came roaring out of the gate on day one with several announcements.

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3 Some were eye-popping.

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4 Some were telling about its future directions.

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5 WWDC 2015 Things TO KNOW FROM DAY 1

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6 WWDC 2015: 5 THINGS TO KNOW Apple watch gets A tailwind 1

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7 APPLE WATCH GETS A TAILWIND Apple announced WatchOS 2, a major upgrade from the original WatchKit (which was criticized for limited access to sensors and other key areas for developers). Apple Watch apps will get a lot more interesting as they become native apps, releasing them from dependence on the iPhone. Functionality originally anticipated at launch, such as streaming heart rate and optical sensor, are now open to developers. Retail sales are set to begin by the end of June.

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8 WWDC 2015: 5 THINGS TO KNOW RIP Passbook. Long live apple wallet. 2

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9 LONG LIVE APPLE WALLET Apple officially retired Passbook and is doubling down on Apple Pay by introducing a major upgrade in the form of Apple Wallet. This is being viewed as a transition from a passive utility (downloading tickets, loyalty cards, etc.) to an active platform (combining existing functions with owning transactions, credit cards, cash, etc.). The new Apple Wallet application also offers contextual suggestion matching your location (e.g. Home Depot) with the corresponding card as first suggestion.

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10 WWDC 2015: 5 THINGS TO KNOW Siri gets smarter 3

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11 Apple reaffirmed its love for Siri with two important announcements intended to deliver a more proactive experience value. Siri will now link to numerous embedded functionalities like retrieving information from your email or related apps as well as sensing when you get into your car. She’s also getting a facelift with a whole new user interface to reflect her more dynamic skillset. She is also reportedly now 40% more accurate. SIRI GETS SMARTER

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12 WWDC 2015: 5 THINGS TO KNOW The internet of things Just got interesting 4

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13 Now that Apple has proven it’s capable of migrating past the mobile device with Apple Watch, it reinforced its intention to be the platform for a connected world with CarPlay and HomeKit announcements. Auto manufacturers will now be able to create apps that use Apple’s CarPlay system to control car features. HomeKit will soon be able to control a number of new types of smart home products, including security systems, motion sensors, carbon dioxide monitors, and window shades. Right now, HomeKit only covers the basics, including locks and lights. APPLE MAKES AN IOT PLAY

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14 WWDC 2015: 5 THINGS TO KNOW Apple is becoming A cloud company 5

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15 It may sound counterintuitive to think of Apple as a cloud company, but its ambitious launch of its streaming music service and related announcements will make Apple a player in Cloud. Streaming music service will start June 30 at $9.99 a month. This is complemented by a $4 billion investment in data centers including original Apple-designed and built servers. Target: 100 million subscribers which, if achieved, would double paying subscribers for all other streaming services combined. iOS 9 will reportedly offer an iCloud app as well as iCloud monitoring for HomeKit (underscoring future cloud-based integrations). iPod/iPad family has been conspicuously removed from the apple.com homepage and is buried at the bottom of the streaming service page. APPLE HEADS TO THE CLOUD

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16 Apple Watch just got more interesting 2. Wallet = further expansion into payment innovation 3. SIRI’s been sent to finishing school 4. CarKit and HomeKit expand IoT presence 5. Apple is now a Cloud player SUMMARY

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17 GET IN TOUCH Ben Gaddis Chief Innovation Officer Ben.gaddis@t-3.com 512-721-1380 www.t-3.com Images sourced from: TechCrunch.com and 9to5mac.com

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