Is Google Bringing Its Internet Service To a City Near You?

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Is Google Bringing Its Internet Service To a City Near You?

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You may have heard that Google offers a super fast Internet service, called Google Fiber.

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Fiber’s maximum upload and download speeds are 1 gigabit per second…

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Which is about 100 times faster than many home Internet connections.

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For example, it takes just 7 seconds to download an HD movie with Fiber.

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Compared to nearly 11 minutes for a 10 Mbps connection.

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Fiber costs just $70 per month, while similar Internet speeds from Verizon and Comcast can cost four times that amount.

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Right now the service is available in just three major metropolitan areas.

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Source: Google. (Current Fiber cities are marked in blue.)

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But Google says there are now 34 cities in 9 major metro areas where Fiber is coming, or potentially coming.

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Take a look…

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Source: Google.

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And Google’s not stopping there.

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The company wants its Fiber service to expand across the country because it wants more competition in the high-speed Internet space.

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And it’s already working.

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Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT&T and Verizon have all lowered their ultra-fast Internet prices in cities where Fiber is available, or coming soon.

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Which means that whether you have access to Google Fiber now, or it comes to your city in the future…

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You may have more high-speed Internet options, and pay less money for faster speeds, because of the increased competition.

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Which is a pretty sweet deal.

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