Internet of Things & Java

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Internet of Things & Java by Aleksandr Chudov & Duke

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What is IoT?

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Development area: M2M – machine to machine Smart systems “ad hoc” – situational IoT

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Generalized schema: Cloud Ecosystem M2M Smart Hose Smart System Gateway User front-end

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IoT technology: processor with low power consumption (Intel Edison) communication: Bluetooth (4.2, smart), Wi-Fi (Direct, 802.11ah, 802.11p), NFC, 4G Clouds and BIG data Web interface (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS) MQTT protocol (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) IETF protocol (Internet Engineering Task Force) SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition)

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Companies and Projects: IBM & ARM (mBed IoT Starter Kit), Samsung (Smart Things), Apple (Home Kit/CloudKit/HelthKit), Google (Nest Labs – Nest/Chromecast), Tibbo (Aggre Gate), Gemalto & Oracle (Cinterion Concept Broad), Intel (processor Edison, modem XMM 6255), else (Spotty, Psi Kick, Thing Worx Marketplace, Xively), etc.

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Java in IoT

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Why Java? “Write once, run anywhere”! Run on wide range of devices (from mobile and embedded system with limited CPU and memory, to servers with immense power and capacity) JVM (safety & secure) work with BIG data & clouds 9 million developers 3 billion devices 125 multimedia devices 10 billion Java Cards

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Java Solutions for Embedded Devices and IoT

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Java 8: Standard Edition + Mobile Edition Embedded

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Java SE (Embedded) JDK 8 update 40: JFR (Java Flight Recorder) packer with integrated JRE Nashorn JavaFX Lambda Expressions G1 (Garbage First) – JEP (JDK Enhancement Proposal 156) HTML5/JS/CSS HotSpot JVM Java Mission Control 5.5 (JMC)

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Java ME Embedded v 8.1 (product line: Oracle Java Embedded) development platform ARM mBed (for Cortex-M) Qualcomm Gobi 3G/4G JMEE Developer Preview From low-end to mid-range devices Devices from 130KB up to 32MB of RAM Applications with no graphical interface Microcontrollers, RTOS or minimal Operational Systems Wireless devices, smart metering, eHealth, IoT, M2M in general

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Eclipse & Java Open IoT Stack for Java Java-client for MQTT Moquette for MQTT CoAP IETF protocol Leshan (Lightweight M2M) SCADA IoT gateways home automation system standards for inter-machine communication

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Smart Green House One of winner of Oracle IoT 2014: “A full-featured, automated greenhouse to grow your indoor plants with peace of mind. Remotely control and monitor light, temperature and humidity. Check the growing process remotely with time-lapse photography. Created with Java Embedded, Raspberry Pi, Pi4J, Arduino, Jetty and multiple sensors.”

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Source Video & Code source: https://bitbucket.org/Temdegon/greenhouse/src/c78b9fc66164548d78078f8af353af3689e03ee2?at=master

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IoT Security & Java ?...

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Thanks for attention! Links: http://www.oracle.com/us/solutions/internetofthings/overview/index.html http://iot.eclipse.org/java/ https://www.java.net/challenge

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