What is MOBILE LIVE Broadcasting?

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What is MOBILE LIVE Broadcasting? Presented by Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz June 1, 2015 Social Media Webinar Meerkat & Periscope Tips & Use Cases!

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Brian Fanzo – Millennial Keynote Speaker Change Evangelist Technology & Social Business Millennial Worked for Department of Defense for 9 years managing Cyber Security & Social Business Programs Grew a Cloud Startup from 256 to 600+ employees as a Technology Evangelist responsible for: Social Business, Digital Marketing, Community Engagement, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Engagement, Social Selling & Personal Brand Building. Partner of Broadsuite Media Hub: Host #SbizHour & #CloudTalk Twitter Hangout Chats Co-Host #SMACtalk Live Podcast Host #iSocialTalks Podcast 2 @iSocialFanz – Talks Fast & Tweets Faster

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Broadcast Live Streaming isn’t New! Ustream YouTube LiveStream Google Plus Hangouts Justin.TV QiK 3

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Live MOBILE Broadcasting IS NEW! Feb 27th iOS only with browser commenting New Users (after March 14) must manually follow other streamers! Android Beta May 2015 4 March 26th iOS only browser viewing no comments New Users can automatically follow all twitter followers Android Beta TBD

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What’s so NEW? Mobile Enabled with 1-Click Cell Phones are powerful enough to stream Data Networks are strong enough Integrated & Published to existing social network (Twitter) Live Comments on Screen create engagement between audience & streamer in app on mobile device! 5

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Too Early to Say Who Will Be the Winner or If There Will Be! 6

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Periscope Interface 7

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Meerkat Interface: 8

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Use Cases: Breaking News 9

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@Hootsuite – HootsuiteLife Campaign live stream from every office! 10

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Exclusivity 11

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Schedule – Go Live – Save - Analyze 12

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Too Early to Call One a Winner: Startup vs Social Network Backed Meerkat Startup Flexibility Updated Frequently Basic User Interface Comments posted to Twitter Gamification Focused Schedule Posts Allows #Katch to save videos if streamer wants Periscope Twitter Backed Professional User Interface Seamless Video Experience Allows Private Streams Comments can be limited to follower Only Videos viewable for 24 hours after stream 13

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Personal Branding & Storytelling 14

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Live Events 15

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Boardroom – Lockeroom - Backstage 16

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Interview – Stream – Q & A 17

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Web Interface 18

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Live Streaming Success: “Think Like A Fan” Backstage or Behind-the-Scenes Access Q & A with the Community Breaking Exclusive News Product Release Announcements Omni-Channel w/ Hangouts / Webinars /Virtual Events! Comment & Engage in Community & Partners Live Streams 19

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Focus on a Video Strategy Not a Tool Strategy! The Apps and Technology will change but a strategy for video & live events is key. What can & can’t be put on video? How do we make sure people around the live video understand it’s live and broadcasting? What types of content would our audience like to see? (Think like a fan) Who else can we empower to create video and streams? (Influencers, Different Locations/Departments) DON’T OVER THINK VIDEO! 20

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Tips & Things To Know Meerkat You can Schedule Meerkats 24 hours in advanced! Meerkat has open API which allows other apps & software to leverage & support the community! You can RT Streams to Twitter Comments you can post to twitter or toggle off. You can custom your end of stream message. 21

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Things to Know Periscope Hearts are from viewers who tap the screen showing they like the stream Share Stream with Followers No Prescheduled Posts Initial Live broadcast is posted to twitter Comments visible during replay of video Replay of video available on app by followers for 24 hours after stream. 22

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Q & A Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz 703-659-5018 Bfanzo@Broadsuite.com Podcasts: SMACtalk & iSocialTalks www.iSocialFanz.com www.MillennialCEO.com 23

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