Architecture Strategy and Planning What's Your Game Plan

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Architecture Strategy and Planning What's Your Game Plan Presented by: Tim Levad

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Changing Business Needs Cloud Big Data Analytics Social Mobility

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Why is network architecture strategy and planning so important? With a methodical approach, you can… Avoid Network Entropy Streamline Network Operations Maximize Uptime

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How much variability do you have in your network?

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Higher Variability = Higher Risk Variability Risk

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Combating Variability Establish a baseline of what’s acceptable in your network. Is this hardware acceptable? Has the change been validated? Is this the correct configuration?

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Achieving Business Goals Protect data Create a more engaged workforce Provide a better customer experience Make better decisions faster Validate network changes Reduce downtime

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What does the bank need to look at to support expansion?

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Establishing an Architecture Strategy

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Introducing New Services

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6 Fundamentals of Proactive Network Management Security & Risk Operations Efficiency & Automation Analytics & Modeling Compliance & Change Management Architecture Strategy & Planning Operations Support & Lifecycle Management

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Resources Case Study: How Cisco IT Optimizes Network with Proactive Support Services Before & After Network Optimization Infographic ON DEMAND SESSION

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Upcoming and On Demand Sessions: Manage Network Operations Risk and Compliance May 21 Is Your Network Ready for Innovation? June 18 On Demand Sessions: Visit: cisco.com/go/smarttalk

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