Cisco Smart Net Total Care

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Cisco Smart Net Total Care Decrease Network Risk with Alert Management Presented by: Gary Blandino

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Upcoming Sessions Simple Steps to Saving Time on TAC Calls May 7 Network Forecasting: Useful Tools to Plan Ahead June 4 Get Visibility into Your Network On Demand:

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Today’s Session Will Focus On: Reducing network risk through effective and efficient alert management

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How do you track and manage alerts today?

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Manual Alert Tracking Methods One-off email notifications Discovery through TAC Cisco support community

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Types of Alerts

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Challenges of Alert Management Receiving too many alerts Identifying impacted devices Prioritizing alerts Dedicating too many hours for alert management

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Smart Net Total Care Delivers Install Base Visibility Contract Status EOX Info & Details Delta Reports Relevant Product Alerts Covered/Uncovered Devices

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Smart Net Total Care Portal

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Do you have a method for tracking PSIRT alerts?

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Prioritizing Alerts Security vulnerabilities Business impact Equipment costs Device location Product lifecycles

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See Alerts Relevant to Your Cisco Devices A complete view of product alerts relevant to your Cisco devices Easily drill down for more details

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Identify What Hardware (or Software) Is Affected Pinpoint the impacted devices or software

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View Detailed Alert Information Easily drill down to find all details of an alert.

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View Status Updates and Notes View notes on remediation actions

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Case Study

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40% Consistent device tracking and up-to-date maintenance reduce the chance of network outages by 40 percent. Reduce the Chance of Network Outages

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Quick Tips for Tracking Alerts Develop a consistent process for reviewing your alerts Prioritize alerts according to your specific business needs Develop a clear and concise list of actionable alerts

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Quick Tips for Tracking Alerts Record how you have responded to each alert Maintain detailed records Use a delta report to keep track of changes

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Summary of Alert Management Benefits Proactively identify issues Determine which alerts apply your Cisco devices Prioritize alerts View actions for remediation Track and manage alerts Identify old versions of software

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Get a Personalized Demo Questions? Contact us today @ smarttalk@external.cisco.com Schedule a Demo today! demand.cisco.com/SNTC3

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