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A High Level Introduction to Digital Personalisation An Internet all about you 1

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2 When most people think of the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, the thing that sticks in their minds most is usually the cool hand-waving interface he uses.

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3 But it was this scene that really stood out to me.

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4 Where ads were talking directly to the character. Asking him how he enjoyed his previous purchase, or if he’d like to see other products catered for him.

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5 Yet, just 12 years later and this ‘imaginary’ sci-fi movie technology is the norm of today.

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Smart businesses are finding a way of merging both online and offline environments, and focusing their efforts not only the platform, but on the individual.

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7 “Which three digital-related areas are the top priorities for your organisation in 2015?” Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing 2015

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9 “Over the next five years, what is the primary way your organisation will seek to differentiate itself from competitors?” Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing 2015

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11 The days of a one-size fits all solution being enough are over. Digital today is about creating a customer experience that caters to an individuals needs.

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12 So who are the ones leading the way as far as online personalisation goes?

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Amazon 13

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14 Amazon are amazing at creating a personalised online Experience for their customers. Every visit provides recommendations based on your interactions.

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Logged in users are reminded about specials and items that they have shown interest in previously directly to their inbox.

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16 of consumers in the U.K. said that no company offers the same levels of web-personalisation as Amazon 82% Digital Personalisation Study 2014 - BloomReach

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Facebook’s Graph Search has made it easier for users (and marketers) to personalise the Facebook experience .

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The ability to search Facebook’s social graph has essentially turned Facebook into a search engine for – and based on -your life.

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Of course with such a personalised experience, comes the possibility of doing some super creepy stuff…

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…and sometimes the data required for such personalisation can have unintended consequences. Particularly for people who are unaware of security/privacy settings, who often unwittingly open up otherwise private data to a very public forum. In this particular test we were able to find out personal details for over 1000 members of the Australian Military, 400 members of Victoria police, 250 of the Australian Air Force amongst others. All this information is publically available via Graph Search in any Facebook account

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And now with Facebook Atlas, marketers can personalise the ‘off-Facebook’ experience based on Facebook information. Making Facebook one of the most powerful personalisation and targeted marketing tools online today

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23 Amazon may be perceived as being number 1 for personalised web experience… … and Facebook is clearly customising their platform experience for the individual too.

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24 But the title of ‘most personalised web experience’ is definitely held by another company…

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26 Google have perfected the art of capturing data. And they are capturing A LOT of it!

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27 They use data you provide to customise the experience you have with their products & services. And you may be unaware that you are giving it to them. Here are a few examples as to how…

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Google search The center-piece of the Google ecosystem. Catering answers to all your questions. This data builds a profile of how and what you do online.

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YouTube The world’s biggest search engine for video. Similar to Google search data collection, but based around the types of, and how you consume video content

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Chrome For what isn’t captured about your web interactions via Google search, Chrome gets the rest. All the stuff you do using Chrome is linked to your Google account (when logged in to Google services)

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Gmail Everyone’s favorite email service, and Google’s robots are reading all of them. Your emails, interactions and contacts are linked to your account. Content & services from Google are catered to you based on information in your emails.

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Android The mobile platform linked to your Google profile. A data goldmine for Google! Services such as Google Now and native Android apps cater information to you based on elements such as location, habits, interactions and more.

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Google Plus Some see this as a failed attempt to take on Facebook, but in reality Google Plus is the glue that pulls together your Google profile. This is the pretty face you add to your data that Google has on you. It allows you some autonomy as to how you want Google to structure information about you.

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Google Display Network The GDN contributes to a very large amount of the ads you see displayed on websites you visit. When you do see these ads, Google assigns this data to your profile. This data helps to cater demographic information about you. (You can see this in action via Demographics reports in Google Analytics)

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Google Fiber Google’s very popular, ultra-fast ISP offering. Essentially closing the loop on data capture. What isn’t captured via your account or device is now captured at the source. They not only point you to the information – they can now provide it.

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Google Drive Storage for all things that you’d like in the cloud, but not necessarily for public consumption. This information is also scraped and assigned against who and how you interact throughout the Google ecosystem.

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Car O.S. GM, Honda and Audi have partnered with Google to make Android the operating system in their upcoming models of cars. It’s all the data captured via Maps, navigation and more – in your car.

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Google Fit Google’s foray into the health space. Capturing data on all sorts of fun stuff like your weight, activity, heart rate and even sleeping patterns.

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Nest The Wi-Fi enabled in-home thermostat business Google purchased for $3.2billion. Still very early, but the Nest purchase is believed to be the next major step to a Google connected house.

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Loon The Google-X project to take connectivity world-wide and without cables. Loon is the Google moonshot project to send up massive balloons that provide internet anywhere, at anytime.

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Google pretty much have – or are about to have – data for every moment of your life. Home or at work. Awake or asleep. Interacting with a device or not.

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42 “The destiny of Google’s search engine is to become that Star Trek computer, and that’s what we are building” Amit Singhal, Head of Google’s search rankings team

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43 But what about me? “Yeah sure, personalisation is all good if you’re a multi-billion dollar business…”

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44 Fortunately there are some pretty great platforms available for businesses today that are focusing on the entire personalised web experience.

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Sitecore’s powerful DMS (Digital Marketing Suite) is at the core of their enterprise level CMS. It allows users to set cards (profiles) of users and cater the experience the platform offers based on pre-defined rules, events or actions. https://www.sitecore.net/platform.aspx

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Part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Abode Target allows for intuitive A/B tests that learn and optimise themselves based on user behaviors. Allowing your site to be able to alter and customise the user experience in real-time. http://www.adobe.com/au/solutions/testing-targeting.html

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47 And if your budget doesn’t permit a CMS/web solution with baked-in personalisation capabilities, there are a number of providers that can get you up and testing asap for cheaper.

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http://optimizely.com/ http://unbounce.com/ https://vwo.com/

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The customers perception is your business’s reality.

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Be sure you are giving them an experience that is awesome!

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51 Thank you Thank you Daylan Pearce Digital Experience Manager – Next Digital @DaylanDoes