How to Deal With an Inherited SQL Server

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How to Deal With an Inherited SQL Server March 11. 2015

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Meet Andy Warren Microsoft MVP Served on the PASS Board Founding partner in SQLServerCentral.com Blogs at https://sqlandy.com

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It’s All Yours Now Might be from a merger/acquisition A “departmental” server

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Take Notes, Triage, Do No Harm Taking notes might seem obvious, but imperative! There’s a tendency to just jump in and start “fixing” stuff. Build the list, talk to the boss It’s amazingly easy to break something by trying to make something “better”

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Warm Hand Off Meet the people that used to manage it Don’t be critical of the setup Get as much info as you can during the planning and transfer, but assume you’ll have some follow up questions

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Find The Documentation There is never enough, but some Data Dictionary/Diagrams Jobs What do they do Who do you email when they fail

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