12-inch macbook Vs. 13-inch macbook air

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12-inch macbook Vs. 13-inch macbook air How Does Apple’s New Notebook Fit into the Mac Mix?

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Apple just introduced it’s new notebook…

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The 12-inch Macbook.

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Which has some very nice features.

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The new laptop has a Retina display, which the Macbook Air doesn’t have…

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It’s thinner, and nearly 1 pound lighter than the Air…

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It has a new Force Touch track pad, that can sense how hard your pressing…

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And it comes with the latest USB Type-C port, which can be used for both power and peripherals.

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But there are a few problems.

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For example…

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There’s just one port.

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Which means that unless you have an adapter, you can only plug one thing in at time.

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But that’s not the only issue.

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The webcam on the MacBook shoots in just 480p.

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While the MacBook Air shoots in 720p HD.

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And the MacBook has just 9 hours of battery life…

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Compared to 12 hours for the MacBook Air.

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Oh, and the processing speed on the MacBook is slower than on the Air.

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Which led Andrew Cunningham from Ars Technica to write this…

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"If you’ve got a 2013 or 2015 MacBook Air, it will be a step down. If you have a 2012 MacBook Air, it’s a step sideways at best.”

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And for all of this, Apple is charging$300 more for the MacBook than the Air.

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Has Apple gone insane?

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The company is simply diversifying its product line to appeal to different users.

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Adding the MacBook allows Apple to offer a new laptop at a premium price, while still offering the Pro and Air models.

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Apple’s Mac lineup accounts for 12% of the company’s sales.

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So clearly computers aren’t Apple’s biggest money maker.

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But the Mac sales growth has outpaced PC growth for the past 10 years.

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And Apple is trying to capitalize on that growth by offering a wider range of laptops.

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Apple investors should see the MacBook as less of smaller, overpriced MacBook Air.

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And more like an opportunity for Apple to own even more of the PC market.

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