Welcome to the Era of Social Video

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Welcome to the Era of Social Video Jan Rezab @janrezab Socialbakers CEO

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Social Evolution

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Marketers & content producers are moving to Facebook native video from YouTube

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Facebook video growth has been rapid, but they are still just 5% of all Posts

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Videos outperform every other post type in terms of Reach 8.7 % 5.8 % 5.3 % 3.7 % Video Status Link Photo

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These brands had 2 Billion Combined Video Views The top ten YouTube profiles had 7 Billion Video Views in 2014 is still huge

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Number of Videos Uploaded Video Posts Major brands are moving to Facebook

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Total Interactions Facebook videos dominate in terms of interactions

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Total Interactions (Thousands) Total Visits (Millions) Interactions Correlate with Site Visits What do those increased interactions mean? More opportunities for site conversions.

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The Super Bowl is literally the Super Bowl of Advertising

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The move to Facebook video was swift Facebook YouTube Others 12 % 65 % 23 % 83 % 13 % 4 % Super Bowl Sponsors 2014 Video Type Distribution Super Bowl Sponsors 2015

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The move to Facebook video was swift Facebook YouTube Others 65 % 30 % 5 % 98 % 2 % 0 % Super Bowl Sponsors 2014 Total Interactions Distribution Super Bowl Sponsors 2015

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It’s not all bad. YouTube is still growing - and performing - for brands. Average Number of Interactions Average Subscriber Growth

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YouTube Vine Twitter Vimeo 82 % 9 % 7 % 2 % 31 % 16 % 52 % 1 % Videos on Twitter are mostly YouTube. But native videos will take over there too Number of Videos Total Interactions

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The video effect on Facebook ad spend Trends in Share of Ad Spend 2014 2014 2014 2014 Post Engagement Website Clicks Page Likes Website Conversions Mobile App Installs Video Views

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Jan Rezab On the whole, the benefits of having a video go viral are temporary. Virality has no long-term value in brand awareness for content creators. Content creators focus on shareability. A good video is one that resonates with the consumer and gets strong reach as a result of being something people are apt to share. This means optimizing things like content, length, and format effectively. “Stop Trying to go Viral” January 27, 2015

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As video becomes the dominant medium, the quest for virality will become increasingly futile. Daily Video Views on YouTube Channel 16 000 000 12 000 000 8 000 000 4 000 000 0 Post Created

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Anyone can shoot & publish, but brands need to produce high-quality videos

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Measure your video performance the right way

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Facebook YouTube 82 % 18 % 95 % 5 % All your video data, right where you need it Views Total Views Completed

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If you’re only looking at your own performance how do you know what “good” is? Don’t Measure in Isolation

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Tracking Video Performance with Socialbakers Analytics

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Socialbakers Analytics Core Analytics Advanced Reporting Premium Analytics Promoted Post Detection Social Health Index Inspiration Pack Data Exports Executive Dashboard Command Center Social Media Dashboard Over 100 Social KPIs Industry Benchmarks Competitor Comparison Custom Labels and Filters Integrated Facebook Insights

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A bit about Socialbakers Defining how social is measured 8,000,000+ Social Profiles $34M+ in funding 2,700+ global clients ? of Global Fortune 500 500k site visitors/month

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Thank You! Jan Rezab @janrezab Socialbakers CEO