Know Facts – Why Mobile Users Abandon Your Site!

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Know Facts – Why Mobile Users Abandon Your Site!

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Mobile Sites That Don’t Allow You To View The Desktop Site

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Sites That Switch Back To Desktop Without Warning

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Lack of Payment Options

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Videos That Won't Play

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Missing Features

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Tiny Links

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Retailers With No Mobile Site At All

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Slow Loading Pages

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Poor Store Finders

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Unreadable/Tiny Fonts

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Too Many Errors

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'Download App' Pop Ups

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Faulty Redirects

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Menus That Don't Close Easily

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Non-optimised Landing Pages

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Directing Mobile Users To Non-Existent Pages

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Strict Postcode Validation

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Bad Checkouts

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Patronising Messages For Mobile Users

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No Click-to-call

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Pdf Menus On Restaurant Sites

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Awful Ad Formats

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