Structured Data – The 80s Hair Metal Edition Matthew J. Brown - Moz - @MatthewJBrown

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Structured Data – The 80s Hair Metal Edition Matthew J. Brown - Moz - @MatthewJBrown

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Remember REO Speedwagon?

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Remember 10 blue links?

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So now we’ve got SERPs that ROCKKKK

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Structured data allows big sites to buy ‘beachfront property’

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And also allows smaller players to snatch up real estate

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Big sites: Ahead of the game bit.ly/HQraE9 Almost 75% of the Top 100 sites in Alexa contain structured data markup Over the Top 1 Million sites in Alexa, that drops to 20%

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But the game changes all the time

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The (updated) basics

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Schema.org, Twitter Cards, Authorship, Open Graph (all of these and more covered by @ipullrank here: bit.ly/11cwNBU)

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Image markup: Open Graph Open Graph Tags https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/

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Keep a lookout for new Open Graph actions: bit.ly/Zxop33

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Yandex is using Open Graph create interactive “Islands”

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Gmail is supporting ‘Actions in the Inbox’ with Schema.org

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Twitter Cards Twitter Cards: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards

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Keep a lookout for new channels using data markup (Pinterest’s Rich Pins: bit.ly/12oiJoe)

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Schema.org Step 1 - RTFM! bit.ly/1aFaoV2 “If your site has very few pages, or very few pages with marked-up structured data, it may not be picked up by the rich snippets system.”

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Schema.org Step 2: Prioritize bit.ly/xWKwcU

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Schema.org Step 3: Competition

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Nerdy Data

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Schema.org Step 4: Validate - bit.ly/1aFaoV2

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Schema.org Step 5: Keep track of changes to this WMT page: http://bit.ly/105kY02

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Schema.org Step 6: The rich snippets Hail Mary: http://bit.ly/yZ8vkb

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Let’s get Semantic

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Hummingbird Deeper Dive on Hummingbird from Aaron Bradley (http://bit.ly/1aLpw0a) and AJ Kohn (http://bit.ly/1cXragb) Source: SEOSkeptic

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It’s not just about links anymore

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Go all in with markup

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Semantic SEO = Entities

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Semantic SEO = Relationships http://conceptnet5.media.mit.edu/

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ConceptNet http://conceptnet5.media.mit.edu/

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Alchemy API

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What did we learn from the 80s?

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Sometimes, the party is over

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Google is the grunge of search

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They’re taking over lots of the good stuff

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Way more

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Displacing entire verticals

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Sometimes without structured data

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Have a plan to survive

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Our brave new mobile world

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Mobile + Desktop BFFs

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Plan for mobile/table traffic

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Use authorship to maximize domain authority

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G+ Put G+ and Author Rank to work

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Author rank and G+

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Can I be an “entity in the knowledge graph”? YES. http://www.greenlaneseo.com/blog/2014/02/optimize-now-entities-relationships/

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Stryper says THANKS! Email: mjb@moz.com Twitter: @MatthewJBrown