Pixelating reality

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Pixelating reality Dr. Gigi Johnson @gigijohnson @maremel How Smartphones Shift NOW …and HERE #sxsw #NotHereNow

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Pixelating Reality

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Decoding/ Recoding

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Smartphone and us

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Flickr/Steppschuh cc 2.0 Mobile: A Remote Control for Our Life

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Mobile: extension of self or brain Memory extender Supplement or substitute Flickr/Steve Rainwater cc 2.0

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Your experiences?

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Me Device Location/Context Context and Mental Time Travel Near Future Near Past

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2 FACTORS: Photography as Performance & sensory co-attention/presence

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“Recently, photography has become almost as widely practiced an amusement as sex and dancing…” -- Susan Sontag, 1977 Not New…

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Brownie Camera: 1900 Cosmopolitan Magazine June 1900

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Mobile Ideation: 1999 Mobile communications device with a camera  Abstract The invention pertains to a mobile communications device with a camera, comprising a microphone (5), loudspeaker, display, keypad and camera….

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2003: Worried about Printing Digital Camera Ownership 20% of US Households 45% of US Internet HH 82% of digital camera users print photos at home (InfoTrends Research Group)

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2011-2013: Shift to Mobile Cameras 2007: 100 million peak in digital cameras 2012: 98 million 2013: 30% drop to 63 million 2014: 20% drop forecast (Source: CIPA) 2013: est. 32% increase in smartphone sales (source: IDC)

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We share...a lot Facebook: 250 billion photos 350 million uploads a day Flickr: 8 billion photos Instagram: 16 billion photos Tumblr: 50 billion posts

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Social ROLES of Personal photos

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Experience as Evidence Overheard at the Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall when the usher asked the patron to not take a picture: “How can I show people that I am here if I don’t have a picture?”

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Selfies as Multicultural Social Norms Dec. 2013, Mandela Funeral, Getty Images, NY Daily News

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March 2014, twitter.com/theellenshow pic.twitter.com/C9U5NOtGap

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Phil’s Photo Have phone extension cord

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How do you see locations embracing or engaging with mobile photography?

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Social Consumption Before ....vs. Now Public & fragmented Flickr/kballard cc 2.0

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FoMO Fear of missing out …making the wrong decision on how to use our time...

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Source: Wikimedia/Czar

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How do you see personal screens used in social settings?

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"See, you can't even sing because you're too busy taping!" Beyonce told a fan in July. "I'm right in your face baby, You gotta seize this moment baby! Put that damn camera down!“ -- USA Today, 2013

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Hollywood bowl

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Public spaces

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Working everywhere

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Traditional education Flickr/Accretion Disc cc 2.0

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Family and friends

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How do we Design for live spaces?

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Personal Intentionality

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Context Me Device Collaboration Location/Context RETHINK Context: Rethink roles Rethink flows Design for Collaborators

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Can we fold time? Bring our past contexts and stories History Pin History Harvest Findery Leave our current stories for future collaborators

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How can we rethink roles and context?

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Invite new conversations

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For Further Conversation(s) Gigi Johnson, EdD Maremel Institute @maremel @gigijohnson http://maremel.com