Top 12 Cybersecurity Predictions

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Top 12 Predictions from Leading Cybersecurity Experts

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What will 2016 hold for cybersecurity? Expect continued developments as both the public and private sectors implement intelligence-led approaches to threats. ibm.co/threatintelligence

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“New data sources arising from the Internet of Things and biometrics will lead to a renewed government interest in using big data to prevent terrorism.” 12 Andrew Borene, federal manager, i2 Safer Planet ibm.co/threatintelligence

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“Private organizations will increase their visibility into the dark web to become more proactive about cyberthreats than ever before.” 11 Bob Stasio, senior product manager for cyber threat analysis, i2 Safer Planet ibm.co/threatintelligence

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“The international community will create safe zones in Syria to stem the mass migration to Europe, and big data analytics will play an integral role in enforcing identity resolution and border security in those safe zones.” 10 Todd Rosenblum, senior executive for worldwide big data, i2 Safer Planet ibm.co/threatintelligence

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“Companies and government agencies will begin using block-chain encryption to protect against cyberthreats.” 9 ibm.co/threatintelligence Bob Stasio

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“Auditability and managed access of US citizens’ personal data will be an increasingly important requirement for US national security agencies.” 8 Todd Rosenblum ibm.co/threatintelligence

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“Companies will begin properly inventorying digital assets and data as part of their risk management strategies, heightening understanding of threat surfaces and ways of minimizing them.” 7 Shahid Shah, CEO, Netspectives Communication ibm.co/threatintelligence

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“‘Big X’ consulting firms will offer their customers cyberintelligence-asa-service consulting options.” 6 ibm.co/threatintelligence Bob Stasio

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“Vulnerability curators will become increasingly prevalent as companies learn to share breach data.” 5 ibm.co/threatintelligence Shahid Shah

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“Continued cybersecurity breaches and state-sponsored cyber espionage will lead to spikes in cybersecurity spending on both workforce and software solutions.” 4 Andrew Borene ibm.co/threatintelligence

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3 “Large financial organizations will continue divesting themselves of managed security services to create their own fusion centers.” ibm.co/threatintelligence Bob Stasio

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“Third-party libraries and software components will increasingly gain attention as CIOs and CISOs realize how many vulnerabilities they create.” 2 ibm.co/threatintelligence Shahid Shah

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1 “The market for behavioral analytics and threat detection offerings will continue unabated.” ibm.co/threatintelligence Bob Stasio

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Prepare yourself for future trends in cybersecurity and threat analysis. ibm.co/threatintelligence

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